Minutes from Colburn Town Council’s March meeting

Colburn Village Hall.


Mayor Helen Grant (Chair)

Councillors: Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale, Lynn Nassau, Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward & Steve Wright

Clerk: Philippa Graves

Deputy Clerk: Angela Pickersgill

There were 3 members of the public present.

A letter of resignation had been received from Bev Partridge and Electoral Services had issued notice of vacancy. As no election had been requested, a Casual Vacancy has been advertised with a closing date of Friday 31st March by 10am.

  1. APOLOGIES – Cllrs Mel Bell (unwell), J Sharma(attending function), Stuart Styles (agreed absence) & District Cllr Bev Partridge

Invited but no attendance – District Cllr W Glover



It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 20th February and minutes of the Play Park and Open Spaces Sub-committee meetings held on 8th March were approved as a true and correct record and were signed by the Mayor.

Matters arising –

From page 1, Defibrillators for Colburn Ward – the defibrillator for the Fire Station had been collected and was soon to be fitted. Four other sites had been visited and arrangements made for fitting.

From page 1, Response from Callum McKeon to hold housing development applications until the results of the Drainage Area Plan are known and the status of the pipework in Colburn has been clarified

The clerk had spoken to Maria Hullah YW who had been off sick for 5½ weeks and would be covering a new area in future although she was keen to see the current work through to a conclusion. She confirmed the Area Drainage Plan was up and working but could take up to a year to cover all types of weather events before an accurate picture is achieved. Catchment areas for Colburn were shown on the large scale map she brought to the December meeting and left with someone present at the meeting (not known). Odessy data is a series of maps showing the villages that feed into the system which runs through Colburn to the Sewerage works. The villages are Colburn/Colburn Village, Hipswell, Scotton, Brough with St Giles, Catterick Garrison Brompton-on-Swale, Gatherley & Scorton.

From page 1, Colburn Leisure Centre report – an email covering the two issues of pitch improvement and money from CIL/New Homes Bonus for infrastructure projects had been sent to Callum McKeon. A reminder to be sent requesting a response.

From page 4, Hildyard Row car park tripartite meeting with Hipswell & Scotton PCs – Colin Dales had emailed an invitation for the Chairs/Clerks or second representative to attend a preliminary meeting with himself in the Chair, attended by Cllr Partridge (in her capacity as the relevant Scrutiny Chairman within RDC) to establish whether there is initial interest in pursuing the transfer option. Colburn has confirmed its interest and if Hipswell & Scotton agree, have asked for a meeting with all councillors from the 3 parishes to discuss in detail as the financial implications could affect future precepts. Hipswell have confirmed they are not interested.


Update w/e 17th March was circulated at the meeting.

Highways were also addressing drainage problems on A6136 to resolve various issues.

The request to open Horne Road earlier than completion was being considered. Highways would monitor the situation and open as soon as possible but it would not be immediately.

Amy asked about ownership of the benches and planters at junction and was advised to contact Colin Dales at RDC.

Cllr Sutterby asked if the project was still on budget which Amy confirmed together with a completion date of early July.

Amy Ellis was thanked for her attendance and left the meeting.


The following report for period 18th Feb to 18th Mar was circulated at the meeting. Crime report for same period 2016, 17 compared with 5 for 2017.

2 Violent offences – 1 incident a male reported he was assaulted, enquires are still ongoing. 1 incident was domestic related and a male was arrested.

1 Sexual offence – pictures sent via social media, enquiries are ongoing.

1 Crime other – a male was arrested and given a fixed penalty notice for urinating in the street.

1 Criminal damage offence – damage caused to a fence at the Business Park. Enquiries are ongoing.

Anti-social Behaviour –15 reports (29 in the same period 2016).

Ward Surgeries

PCSO Kaye and PCSO Whitehead will be holding ward surgeries at the Colburn Library on the following dates. If you have anything you want to discuss then please attend and speak with them.

Thursdays at 10 – 11 pm on 20th April and 18th May.

North Yorkshire Community Messenger service is a free service that allows messages to be shared by the Police to members of a specific community area. Messages can be received via email, text, facebook and phone message. It is easy to sign up, just visit www.nycm.co.uk from a PC or smartphone. If you are interested in signing up to community messenger but do not feel confident enough with or have access to the internet please make contact with a member of the team.

NYP ran an Operation from 13-19th March 2017 involving all Proactive Policing resources comprising RPG, FSU, NST, RCT, Dogs and the Rural Task Force supported by the ANPR intelligence hub. For 7 days from 0800hrs to midnight, there were coordinated resources supplemented by extra staff and the special constabulary available in various deployments with the overarching theme being ‘vulnerability’ and all its associated strands.

Keep up to date with Catterick Policing by joining twitter and follow us @NYPCatterickSNT

Anyone interested in Colburn specific incidents or who is interested in Colburn Community Watch can follow us on TWITTER@colburnwatch.

National 24 hr non-emergency number 101 (15p per call from mobile or landline) or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

In an emergency or where a crime is in progress always call 999. Contact details _

PC 138 Gary Treweek gary.treweek@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

PCSO 3556 Angela Kay angela.kay@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

PCSO 6602 Katie Whitehead Katie.whitehead@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

If you wish to speak to a member of the team by phone please ring 101, option 2 and ask for the person you wish to speak with using their collar number as above 138, 3556 or 6602.


Cllr Dale reported on a meeting with Callum McKeon, Chloe Lewis and Francis Bainbridge to discuss progress. She discovered that all the meetings, consultations and activities required to be minuted as evidence and she was working on a comprehensive paper file.

From the latest Colburn newsletter, 5 or 6 residents had expressed an interest in joining a Steering Group which is needed to progress the plan.

A meeting with Callum McKeon had been arranged for Wed 29th March at 6 pm at the Village Hall. Councillors needed to use this opportunity to pose their questions.


Cllr Sutterby had reported on the RDC website “all along Chartermark Way the sides of the paths are covered in rubbish, food boxes, bottles, dog and human waste. It is a dumping ground for HGV drivers and young people. Disgusting”. Streetscene responded that unfortunately the land is private and as such, RDC had no responsibility for cleansing.

Cllr Chadwick stated that he had organised a litter pick of Woodside Chase to the edge of the Business Park recently and they had collected 16 bin bags and Herres fencing.

It was agreed that:

a) A litter pick of the Business Park should be arranged as long as Streetscene would collect the bags on a Saturday. b) Highways to be asked if “No HGV parking” signs could be erected on the Business Park and at Easton Way where a similar litter problem occurs.

c) Peter Featherstone, Planning, to be asked for confirmation of ownership of the private land so that they can be contacted and if necessary, RDC can enforce clearance of the site in future.

d) RDC Environmental health to be informed of the situation.

e) Peter Featherstone to be asked about the future of the Business Park with its prime site adjacent to the newly upgraded A1 and what marketing was being done to attract new business.


County Councillor Grant gave an update on some of the issues with which she had been involved –

Change of email address to hgboggy@gmail.com

Reported graffiti on the Blue Nile sign. Again reported the holes in the road to roundabout at Horseshoe Drive entrance. Continued to pass on reports about A6136, the Albermarle area and concerns about the shuttle bus service.

Attended the Police and Crime Panel, the most significant aspect being the possible merger of the North Yorkshire Fire Service with the Police.

Attended Care & Independence at county and undertaken an inspection of a Children’s Resource Centre which received an Outstanding Report.

Attending the Children and Young People Board at the Local Government Association in London which covers trafficking among its topics.

In answer to questions on the large area of the old Recreation Ground that has been excavated, it was confirmed that the work was needed to link the foul water drainage from Beckside (new estate) to the roundabout and across to the Chase and this was within the original plans.


No reports received from District Cllrs Glover or Partridge.

Cllr Dale had little to report since there had been no Corporate Board or Planning meetings held.

She reminded the meeting that the Library takeover was happening on Sat 1st April and volunteers were still needed from the Colburn area.

Evidence of the amazing community spirit within Colburn; 3 charity events held in 23 days –

Northern Soul raised £600

Mayor’s Charity Tea raised £766

Jack Weaver event raised £3832


Present membership – Cllr Mel Bell as chair of both sub-committees

Play Park & Open Spaces – Cllrs Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale & Helen Grant

Planning – Cllrs Lynn Nassau, Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward and Steve Wright

  1. Play Park & Open Spaces Sub-Committee

Next meeting arranged for Tues 4th April at 9.30 pm in Town Council office.

  1. Joint Burial Board – Latest meeting moved to Mon 27th March.

  2. Garrison Area Partnership – Latest meeting held on Thurs 16th March at 6.30 pm at Tesco’s Store, Catterick Garrison.

  1. Planning Sub-Committee

Plans agreed by Colburn Town Council:- none

RDC decisions:- – none

11. CORRESPONDENCE – Estate Walkabouts by RDC on Wed 5th April (start Village Hal), Tuesday 18th April (start Oak Tree Court) and Tues 25th April (start Bramble Close bus stop). All to start at 10 am, all councillors welcomed to join the exercise.


Cheques for approval – list circulated at meeting

It was RESOLVED to pay the following cheques presented for 2 signatures:

United Carlton Office Systems – Feb copier charge £63.24

Many Bookkeeping Services Mar Payroll £15.00

PAYE 4th quarter £196.00 £211.00

Mayor’s Tickets – Bedale Charity Dinner 2 x £35 £70.00

Colburn Youth Project – 1st year of 3 year grant £4800.00

Clerk’s salary Mar (+5 hrs) £526.30

Re-imbursements – mileage £7.15)

Copy Paper £8.00 £15.15 £541.45

Deputy Clerk’s salary Mar (+6 hrs) £370.88

Robertson’s Garden Services –

13th Feb –10th Mar 4 weeks £1200.00

Wildflower project – Seed Spreader £27.99

Turf cutter/lawn raker hire £197.00

Water fill roller hire £7.20

Sand for seeds £2.92

Meadow Mania seed £88.93 £1524.04

United Carlton Office Systems – Mar copier charge

13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 10th April 2017 at 6.15 pm followed by Monday 15th May. This is the Annual Meeting commencing at 6 pm followed by the monthly meeting.

14. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (at the Chairman’s discretion)

Cllr Dale – announced a second Northern Soul evening on Fri 21st April (for Jack Weaver fund).

Afternoon Charity Tea on Sat 25th March.

WAGS Choir (Jack Weaver fundraiser), ticket event on Fri 16th June.

She was standing for Catterick Bridge ward in the upcoming County Council elections.

Cllr Ward – noted the land off Forest Drive onto the water works is accumulating more waste and fly tipping. Reminder to Streetscene with enforcement if necessary. Cllr Dale reminded members that district related matters such as flytipping, dog fouling and litter should be reported to her.

Cllr Grant – had represented Colburn at a recent Darlington Mayor’s event which was excellent and was looking forward to an event at Barnard Castle on 21st April

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.50 pm.