Minutes from Muker Parish Council

Muker. Photo: Dennis Turner.

Hoggarths Bridge – Cllr Blackie said that the bridge was on the list to be repaired, but that there were other bridges which currently are more of a priority due to their condition.

WW1 Beacons – There had been no response as of yet to the posters regarding the WW1 Beacons, if any member of the parish would like to see the Parish taking part in the commemorations then they are requested to contact the Clerks.

Defibrillator Tan Hill –Dave Jones of Yorkshire Ambulance Service had provided information regarding costs of the defibrillator and cabinet. Mike Peace of Tan Hill had committed to paying 10% of the costs. There was still some concern regarding the electricity supply which would need further clarification. Clerks to complete grant form for the Area Partnership Fund.

Water on Road Muker – Nothing to report

Pot Holes – Ivelet – some of the potholes had now been filled.

Silver Hill – Cllr Blackie had contacted Richard Marr of NYCC Highways who would be able to attend a site visit at the end of September to look into what can be done to alleviate the problem.

Missing Sign Crackpot – Highways had replied that it was being looked into.

Bench Muker – NYCC Highways had replied stating that this would be a matter for RDC. RDC stated that unless it was a bench which they had placed there it was not their responsibility. Cllr Blackie suggested he would have a look at the problem when in the area with a Highways representative.

Streetlights Keld –RDC have placed a hood on the Streetlight no2 and are looking into the sensors on the toilets.

BT Box Keld – Clerk had contacted Highways. Cllr Blackie said that he would look at the issue, when in the area with a Highways representative.

Reeth Surgey – a response from Reeth Surgery had been received regarding their prescription Services.

Telephone Box – Thwaite – Cllr Blackie had highlighted the problem to BT and it was on a list to be fixed.

Rubbish Bin – Guide Posts – Clerks had reported the issue to Highways – no response as yet.

Richmondshire D.C –

Electoral Review – Information had been received regarding the Electoral Review within Richmondshire Wards. A discussion too place on the electoral review. Cllr Blackie proposed that Muker Parish would be best served by joining with Hawes and High Abbotside Parish. He pointed out that the Buttertubs pass connected the two Dales and that this produced areas of commonality through the movement of people back and forth and the use of services and businesses. This in turn enhanced an Upper Dales Identity and he believed that it was vital that this be preserved in order that Councillors can best serve the people of the Upper Dales elected by and representative of. Further discussion took place and it was unanimously agreed to pursue the proposal as outlined and join with Hawes and High Abbotside.

Toilet Charges – A letter had been received from RDC regarding the intention to charge 20p for the use of the public toilets within the Parish. The new charging policy is being rolled out within all the Councils public toilets. New payments doors are to be installed between August and November.


Hazardous Waste – NYCC are carrying out a consultation regarding how household hazardous waste is disposed of. Currently the council provide a free of charge home collection service. The consultation will look at other ways the council can help residents dispose of household hazardous waste. Residents are asked to go to www.northyorks.gov.uk/hhwconsultation or Tel: 01609 780780


Planning Consent has been given to Birkdale and Brystone.

A Planning Application had been received for Scarr House Farm Muker for the conversion of an existing outbuilding to create an ancillary studio with store room, w.c. and kitchenette. The Council had no objections.

Every Barn Tells a Story – Michael Briggs YDNP Ranger had been in contact regarding placing two information signs in Muker regarding the project. Clerks to refer Michael to the Muker Moor Committee.


Letter regarding Parking Muker – A letter had been received via the Reeth Gazette from a Gentleman who felt that parking near the entrance to the car park and other public areas along the beckside should be prevented by the use of boulders, as people should be encouraged to park in the car park provided. The Parish Council were in agreement that parking within such areas was acceptable as they wanted people to visit the area and encourage the use of businesses within the area. Clerks to write to the Gentleman.

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Thursday 28 September 2017. 7.30pm