Missing Alfie the cat found after five weeks away

Alfie is back home.

A family cat missing from home for more than a month has been found.

Alfie turned up yesterday in Barnard Castle, more than 15 miles from his home in Hurgill Road, Richmond.

A family found Alfie in their garden and rang the number on his collar, which was around his neck but also under his arm, where it had rubbed away at his flesh.

Alfie has been taken to the vet and may need an operation on his leg

The cat belonged to the Pearson family, who had put up posters and posted leaflets through doors across Richmond after he went missing.

Appeals have also been made on social media and on Richmondshire Today.

Helga Pearson said: “We got there last night just before midnight for a very emotional reunion with Alfie who recognised us straight away.

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have him back. We have been out of our minds with worry. We have no idea what his journey has been this last five weeks.”

She added: “He has lost at least a quarter of his body weight and is in a sorry state.

£Still, at least he is home, safe and warm, and has a diet of beef, chicken and cod lined

Helga added: “I want to say thank you to people for their kindness and support.

“We have had many, many calls and messages – from people reporting sightings to good wishes and words of encouragement.”