MoD objects to Starbucks and Burger King development in Colburn

The proposed layout of the site.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has submitted a formal objection to plans for a Starbucks and Burger King in Colburn.

Burger King and Starbucks are looking to build drive-thru restaurants on land opposite Brough Garage on Catterick Road, Colburn.

Documents submitted with the plans state that the Burger King restaurant could create 40 jobs, of which 20 would be full-time, while the Starbucks could create 25 jobs, including 15 full-time positions.

In a letter to the district council, the Defence Infrastructure Organisations (DIO) says its client the M0D opposes any developments that may jeopardise the future viability and vitality of Catterick Garrison town centre.

It states: “Increasing developer interest and a growing number of proposals for retailing in out-of-town-centre locations, together with pending upgrades to infrastructure and proposed new housing allocations in peripheral locations have raised concerns about the future of Catterick Garrison town centre.

“Catterick already loses significant amounts of retail expenditure to towns outwith the district such as Darlington.

“Failure to improve existing retail and leisure provision in the town will leave Catterick increasingly susceptible to competition from these other centres.

“It would be concerning if our client’s investment in the town centre was undermined by opportunistic, out of town developments which do nothing to contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre.”

In the letter, Steve McGacin, from DIO, says it is his organisation’s belief that the proposed development could be accommodated within vacant town centre units or on emerging brownfield retail sites within the town centre which would “encourage footfall and
expenditure within the Town Centres of Catterick Garrison and Richmond”.

He added that the applicant has not considered any town centre sites for the proposals or demonstrated that the proposal will not have a negative impact on Richmond and Catterick Garrison town centres.

Colburn Town Council has also objected to the scheme.

It also raises concerns about the impact on the Princes Gate development, where there are a number of vacant units.

The authority says the road is already heavily congested and the development would make the situation worse.




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  1. I thought that objecting on grounds of commercial impact was not allowed (Aysgarth Mill proposed development)?

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