More than 1,000 drivers caught speeding during crackdown

A speed van in East Layton.

More than 1,000 motorists have been caught speeding in Richmondshire by police following the launch of a crackdown on the problem by police.

Between the start of October and the end of January, 1,177 offenders drivers have either been offered a speed awareness course or received points on their licence and a fine.

Police say many more have been issued with official warnings at the roadside.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said: “As you will know, last year as a result of speeding being highlighted as the main issue across Richmondshire, I identified the following locations that we as a community team would start targeting.

“These included several locations in the Richmond area, three locations at Leyburn, Skeeby, Hudswell, Catterick village/Garrison, Manfield, Eppleby, Stapleton, Dalton On Tees, Melsonby, West/East Witton, Tunstall, Carlton, Cleasby, Scotton, Gilling West, East/West Layton, Redmire, Scorton, Brompton on Swale, Bellerby, Hunton, Middleham, Hawes, Grinton, Askrigg, Reeth, Aysgarth, Harmby villages, plus Newbiggin near to the Street Head Inn.

“The safety camera vans are also used at other locations, so there are other areas that are being enforced and this is just the local community teams list as a result of the information you have provided to us.

“Prior to me asking this, there was little or no enforcement across Richmondshire in the villages and towns, but in the four months from October to January, we have caught 1177 offenders, who have either been offered a speed awareness course or received points on their licence and a fine.

“Many more have been issued with official warnings and been educated at the roadside.”

Insp Metcalfe is asking for feedback on the crackdown.

He added: “I firmly believe we should continue and if you agree we will keep appearing unannounced at various locations all over Richmondshire, so let me know your thoughts.”

Insp Metcalfe, collar number 538, can be contacted via the North Yorkshire Police website here.


  1. There seems to be talk of 20MPH speed limits all over the place.

    Strikes me the police need to try harder and get people to stick to the 30MPH speed limits first.

    Then there maybe no need to even think about 20MPH speed limits.

    Maybe more matrix signs everywhere warming motorists when they are speeding may just make people more aware that they are speeding and sort this problem out first and if it doesn’t work then get the speed guns out as a last resort.

  2. Great work , there are far too many idiots flouting the law in our area . Doubling the fines wouldn’t hurt either .

  3. They don’t seem to have been near the A1M. It’s as if anything goes there. Otherwise doing a great job.

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