More than 14,000 Richmondshire residents get first vaccine dose

More than 14,000 Richmondshire residents have now received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The latest figures show 14,392 people in the district have had a jab.

The latest figures published on Thursday are for the period from December 8 to February 28.

The latest official population for Richmondshire is 53,144, meaning more than 27 per cent of the population has received their first jab when the statistics were compiled.

The breakdown of Richmondshire residents receiving at least one dose by age are:

  • Under 65 – 3,973
  • 65-69 – 2,194
  • 70-74 – 3,125
  • 75-79 – 2,205
  • 80+ – 2,895

More localised figures are also available:

Under 65 65-69 70-74 75-79 80+
North Richmondshire 682 540 607 443 553
Richmond Town 643 344 555 459 639
Catterick & Brompton-on-Swale 521 185 374 238 334
Catterick Garrison & Colburn 1,119 221 297 212 281
Upper Dales 352 421 551 350 418
Leyburn, Middleham & Tunstall 656 483 741 503 670

The latest data shows the seven day rate for new cases in Richmondshire per 100,000 had dropped to 43.

Over the seven days to march 5, 23 new cases were recorded in the district.

Of those, 16 were in Catterick Garrison and Colburn and 5 were in Richmond.

The location of the remaining cases is not made available.


  1. I’d like to know why my husband of 67yrs with heart problems has not been sent for.Neighbours younger and fitter have had their first dose.Doctor on 3 occasions has said you’ll have to wait.Its not good enough

    • This may answer your question: Dr Nikita Kanani and Ed Waller (both based in London and clearly have no idea of the logistics involved for those living in parts of Richmondshire to get to a NHS vaccine hub) are in charge of directing all the GPs in Richmondshire who are involved in the vaccinations at Tennants Hall (this is known as a PCN). GPs are having to following their instructions as they are directors of NHS primary care.

      In their joint directive dated 13th Feb, they state “As PCN-led sites focus on cohort 6, cohort 5 (those aged 65-69) will shortly start receiving an invitation from the national booking service (NBS) to attend a vaccination centre or community pharmacy setting. PCN sites may still vaccinate patients in this cohort and be paid for doing so should a patient request an appointment.”

      The directive states patients can request an appointment (this would be for Tennants Hall), however the Leyburn Medical Practice states that patients should not call them and that those aged 67 in group 5 should wait and they will eventually be contacted, but there is large waiting list.


  2. It seems the 65 to 67 age group in the Leyburn area are expected/encouraged to book at a vaccination centre if they can travel. If not wait for a call! This was stated on Leyburn surgery website last week. And that they were moving onto group 6!! the next cohort down. I was quite amazed to read this and don’t know why this age group was singled out to go elsewhere and thought they were vaccinating in chronological order. I’m in this age group and had hoped to go local. I’m glad now I decided to book at a vaccination centre and had to go to Knaresborough otherwise I was obviously going to have a long wait. If this was going to be the strategy they should have alerted people in this age group in mid February.

  3. Why is there no vaccine centre around Richmond or Catterick, if you can get a booking, it is at least a 15mile trip?

  4. I am 67 and have just been contacted by Central Dales Practice, having waited 4 weeks since my first letter from the NHS inviting me to have a jab. I now have an appointment for my first jab on Saturday 20th March at Tennants Hall, my brother who is 63 is also going to have his first jab the same day. I was invited (twice) by the NHS to book online and drive for an hour one way to one of the NHS vaccine hubs as directed by Dr N Kanani, but that was too far from me in the Upper Dales. For those who are still waiting in group 5 I am sure you will be contacted this week. I am pursuing this neglect of group 5 in the Upper Dales through NYCCG and will be requesting answers from Dr Richard James (Head of Richmondshire Primary Care) and Dr N Kanani and Ed Waller directors of Primary Care England.

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