More than £1,700 raised to buy generators for Ukraine

Equipment being loaded before being taken to Ukraine.

A group helping Ukrainian refugees living in Richmondshire has launched a fundraising campaign to help residents of the war-torn country through the winter.

The scheme, called Power to Ukraine, aims to provide generators to the country to power heaters, cookers, phones and lights.

More than £1,700 has been raise for the cause via a Just Giving page so far.

The support group is working alongside the Newcastle-based charity the Make a Difference Foundation to raise the money.

John Lawler, from the foundation, said: “It is crucial that communities back home in the UK keep supporting what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.

“The start of the winter immediately brought challenges and hardship for families, particularly those close to the front line who are being attacked every day.

“Ukraine is our neighbour, and it needs our help until this horrible war is over and until the rebuild ends.”

The fundraiser comes on the back of the Ukrainian Christmas event that took place on January 7 and welcomed more than 70 people, both refugees and their hosts, to enjoy a visit from Father Christmas and celebrate the holiday.

Roman Pronyszyn, who volunteers for the RRSG, hoped that the event would take the refugees minds off the ongoing war and give them a community to share their thoughts and worries with about their friends and family who are still in the Ukraine.

Roman said: “We have all seen the atrocities inflicted on the country with infrastructure such as power stations being a target.

“We just felt that we could do something positive by launching Power to Ukraine and hopefully people will be as generous as they can be to help us with this initiative.’’

You can donate to the cause here