More than 20 Richmond businesses take part in Magic Tenner promotion

Alyson Swift, owner of King Street Kitchen & Gift, with a poster showing the number of local businesses who supply and work with her.

More than 20 businesses in and around Richmond are taking part in the Magic Tenner promotion which runs from October 7 to 21, in an initiative organised by Totally Locally.

The businesses are:

  • BB in Finkle
  • Berber Leather
  • Capelli Hairdressing
  • Gone Barking
  • Goosewing Studios
  • Granny’s Kitchen
  • King Street Kitchen & Gift
  • Kiss the Moon
  • Larches of Richmond
  • Lucy Pittaway
  • Neeps & Tatties
  • Pink Sundays
  • Richmond Information Centre
  • Sip Coffee
  • Strolling4Shoes
  • Tasty Macs
  • The Cheese Press
  • The Green Howards Museum Shop
  • The Little Dress Shop
  • The Men’s Room Barbers
  • The Station
  • The Traveller’s Rest, Skeeby


They will be offering £10 deals to encourage people into independent shops and to give a boost to the local economy.

Organisers say that the boost for the local economy is bigger than the £10 spent because most independent businesses buy from other local businesses.

Alongside the £10 offers, shops will be displaying posters showing how many local suppliers they have, to emphasise how supporting one local business supports others.

This circular effect is backed up by the New Economics Foundation, whose study found that £10 spent in a local independent business means up to £50 goes back into the local economy due to it being re-spent over and over.

All independent businesses in Richmond are invited to join in with the Magic Tenner event.

For more information and to get posters and promotional kit, contact