Mother tells of relief after lucky toddler uninjured from upstairs window fall

Lauren Lacey with son Henri.

A lucky two-year-old boy who fell from an upstairs window was unhurt after landing on bags of old toys and clothes.

The called Henri fell from the window of his mum’s house in Colburn on Saturday evening.

He was taken to hospital as a precaution but was found to be uninjured from the fall.

The little boy’s mum Lauren Lacey told how Henri fell on to bags of clothes and teddies that she had recently cleared out of the children’s bedrooms and were underneath the window.

Lauren, a mother of four, said she had been cutting the grass in the garden and then playing with her children, including Henri and his twin sister Hazel.

She then took the older children and Henri into the front room as she was going to give them their bath.

Lauren Lacey with son Henri.

But as she was fetching Hazel from the garden, Henri managed to get through the safety gate and go upstairs.

Lauren then got a knock on the door from her neighbour to say she had just seen the boy fall out of an upstairs window.

Lauren said: “I felt sick – I just went in to shock and I couldn’t think properly.

“I had complained about the windows before as they are not child proof upstairs. The safety hook is not safe. The kids can work out how to open it as it’s so simple.

“It was a very, very traumatic time, but thankfully he was released the next day unharmed.

“He has been very lucky. His guardian angel – my nan – was there for him.

“He’s back to his normal safe and he still climbs up the windows but I have gone to every length possible to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“Safety bars are being fitted and I’ve had to improvise and lock them myself until the council come out to inspect them.”

Lauren has thanked her friends and family who have supported her.

She also criticised some on social media who jumped to conclusions and suggested that she must have been drinking.

She added: “My children’s safety is paramount to me and I’m doing the best I can as a mum of four including two-year-old twins.”

Police said they were called by the ambulance service at 8.10pm on Saturday to a report that a two-year-old boy had fallen from a window.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “The child was taken to hospital as a precaution, but was not injured.

“Officers are ensuring the family receive the support they need.”