Motorcyclists not allowed to ‘just go for a ride out’, police say

Motorcyclists in Hawes during the lockdown.

Motorcyclists are not allowed to “just go for a ride” under the current Covid-19 lockdown rules, police say.

The comments come amid concern about the large number of bikers who have visited the Dales since the lockdown was eased on Wednesday.

Residents of Hawes have been particularly concerned after bikers parked up in the town centre.

Commenting on the large number of motorcycles that have been seen in the Yorkshire Dales since the lockdown rules were altered last week, Inspector Mark Gee, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said bikers who were just going for a ride out were actually breaking the law.

He said: “Many motorcyclists genuinely seem to think they are legally covered to just go for a ride out.

“Under the current regulations this is simply not the case.

“We know that the majority of riders don’t want to cause any harm or upset to local communities, but they need to realise that if they break the law as it stands the police will have to take action.”

He added: “If you are unsure of the law, please consult the Government website – – and check if your travel and visit is going to be lawful before setting off.

“I appreciate it is a confusing time but ignorance is no excuse in law – you need to cover yourself.”

In response to the comments, many bikers have questioned the statement on social media and in comments on this story saying they are not doing anything illegal by going for a ride.

But Insp Gee today stood by his comments.

He added: “The Government regulations are published but I can see a debate around interpretation.

“My point is simply you need to have a justifiable reason. This may well be exercise or relaxation as per government guidelines.

“But it’s about knowing why you are out and about and therefore making people consider their actions.”

Social distancing needs to be maintained and u can not gather in groups of more than 2 unless of same household etc. So I am just trying to keep people safe and within the current laws.

Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council chair Jill McMullon said there was a lot of people in Hawes very worried about the issue.

“I heard them coming past my house at 8am this morning and they’ve never stopped since.

“The majority of them aren’t social distancing, some are but most aren’t and it’s totally exasperating.”

Cllr McMullon said the police had been on patrol in Hawes today which had helped.

“They have been a lot more visible today and they have been in the town for a quite a long time, but it’s like they had some kind of antenna — as soon as they police go they all come back.”

The councillor said there would be no shops or takeaways open at all in Hawes tomorrow as businesses had decided it had been too busy in recent days, with the toilets in the town centre also closed.

“If they come and park up there will be nothing to do other than admire their bikes and we’d rather they didn’t do that.” [kofi]



  1. The Police or the councillor have not given the actual reason for this, only to say ‘ motorcyclists arent allowed to just go for a ride’.
    As I read the latest government advice you can ‘ travel any distance & once at your destination you have to adhere to social distancing’.
    Nothing mentioned about excercise, you can sunbathe, sit & relax etc,
    Seems to me the Police need to spell out in more depth their reasoning for this.
    I appreciate the numbers could overwhelm a town / village, but I , myself, go for soli rides after staying off the roads for 2 months.
    4 family members are part of the NHS so I appreciate concerns.
    But if you are to stop or fine people please indicate the reason for it.
    It is sketchy at the least.

    • As long as motorcyclest socially distances when they reach their destination there not breaking any laws. Some people that live in the dales and in particular Haws don’t like motorcycles and are using this cruises to try and stop motorbike from riding in their areas

    • I totally agree with u seems it’s one rule for one and one rule for bikers being a biker myself and a car driver even after some of the restrictions lifted bikers are getting the brunt of it it although I do feel
      Some bikers are taking the p abit when there just parked up stood next to each other and not Adering by the 2 m rule

      • Breaking what law it is not a law its a recomendation and any interpretation can be made to fit personally when its over i would not go back if we all did that then hear the m twistb

    • I agree. The police have sadly enjoyed being heavy handed with the public.

  2. We were up that way on Thursday riding through Hawes. I can honestly say there were just as many cars out on the road. We did stop at the side of the road in the countryside and had a little stroll after some lunch. I think if people carry on pin pointing motorcycles they will drive them away for good. I’m sure there are a lot of business in the village that relied on passing trade over the years.

    • not really , the only businesses that really benefit is the cafe and chippie, in summer they cause a lot of problems and they actually drive busines away

      • Gary Laycock, you’re talking nonsense! As a 35 year resident of Hawes and Simonstone area, our business relies heavily on tourism all year round! And in that time we have never had any problems with bikers and there are just as many cars and camper vans out, too!

      • What a load of rubbish. You have no idea what business profit or not? Motorcyclists are people who use amenities just like anyone else.
        They park up, taking less space than a car, and use the food businesses to which there are many. They may also shop and relax just like a car driver too. You have no proof that motorcyclists “drive” business away. So go on tell us all exactly… how do motorcyclists drive business away?

        • It’s worthwhile looking at some cycling or walking sites where people often remark negatively about the number of bikers. I don’t think it’s about bikes or bikers (you are right that all visitors help the tourist economy) it’s about noise and convoys of bikes and that does seem to put folk off.

          • There’s larger “convoys” of cars everywhere, cars are so ordinary they’re invisible almost, ordinary people always complain about bikes and bikers at the start of the season though, just this time those same ordinarys are looking for more to complain about, all bikers I’ve seen out have been keeping apart much better than others, and remember some bikers that you see are together are husband on his bike and wife on her bike, they are not going to need to park their bikes apart, some incredibly unobserant people out there.

      • Graham, once again you are making statements without knowing the facts just because you simply want to live out your retirement in peace and quiet.
        But here are some facts : The Cafe uses local suppliers and they spend thousand of pounds a year in Spar and Allen’s, they use the local accountants, community run Post Office, local builders, local Newsagents, a local Electrician, local Plumber, the local Builders Merchant and Gas supplier, they get meat and other supplies from JW Cockett’s, they also spend money at a local Garage, Roger Iveson’s, Sweet Shop and Jeweler. So does the Chippie. Those businesses provide jobs and pay wages which support families. They donate towards local events like the annual Gala, Christmas Lights and ‘Hawes in Bloom’.
        Now think again if they are the only ones benefiting from bikers, therefore to tell bikers that they are not welcome is discriminating and not good for the image of this town that so heavily relies on them. If they don’t come it would always be as dead as every winter season and many businesses would not survive.
        Bikers use more than just the Cafe and Chippie by the way. They spend tens of thousands a year at the community run petrol station, local Spar, Allen’s, local Hotels and B&B’s, the pubs, they go to the Creamery, Ropemakers and Museum, they come on their biker one day and in cars with family on others.
        You made your money and retired early, now let younger people try to make a living in this town.

        • Well said Christian. We as visitors to the Dales regularly in season totally agree. We see the bikers at the cheese factory and in the pubs. What the residents may not like is the volume and noise created in the centre of town. Maybe they need a motorcycle dedicated parking area out of town, to congregate in and walk into town ?

        • Well said. My partner & i drive a car , campervan & ride motorbikes. When passing tbrough or stopping at small villages it gives us ideas as to where we can holiday. Its nog slways just a ridd out destination.

        • 100% correct.
          I was in Hawes on Sunday, and consider my ride out to Hawes one of the best rides there is, right on my doorstep (1.5hrs).
          I am one of those people spending in the cafe, so to hear a positive response to bikers from a local means alot. It’s nice to feel welcome still.

      • Well sorry I forgot that just because you live in the area you own it and it becomes yours and no one else is allowed in the area, grow up. You sound like a child that doesn’t want to share their toys.

      • Can you elaborate on how exactly a motorcyclist drives customers away?
        I along with many others would love to hear this. May e you would prefer hoards of boy racers with rediculous cars flying arou d your streets

      • I do beg to differ . What about the fantastic cheese factory? Or the ice cream factory . And the beautiful antique shop on the corner . Even the little ice cream stall in the Main Street of haws . The cafe on the outskirts . Need I go on . All of the business owners. Have welcomed bikers . The only one we encountered over the many years of visiting . Was the shop next to the cafe the owner took exception to a disabled trike rider parking in the bay for disabled drivers . . He even had the wheelchair attached to his vehicle .
        Yes bikers are the easy target .
        Do not tar motorcyclist with the same brush please . For the few that maybe don’t get the social distance quite right .
        The public ,yes motorcyclists are part of the public
        Have the right to freedom of movement , long have they been persecuted by some in Richmond shire . Just because you reside there . Do not think you own the area is public just like any other place in our fine and pleasant England .

    • I think you will find that a lot of the cars driving around are local and fairly annoyed with the bikes with are virtually all just going for a ride out, but making far too much noise and driving with little consideration to the above locals. I had 5 bikes pass my own and another agricultural vehicle today both with our right hand indicators on. Yes some drive safely but most don’t!

      • James the thing is “how long had you and the other vehicle had your indicator on for?” I’ve been behind articulates vehicles and tractors that have been merely going along with their indicators flashing for over half a mile

  3. The government has clarified that ‘people may drive [riding a motorcycle comes under this term] to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance so long as they respect social distancing guidance while they are there’ but it’s important that we don’t see large groups of motorcyclists congregating at single spots

    • It must follow I think that it would be important not to see groups of car motorists congregating, or groups of cyclists or walkers. Otherwise this would just be some weird way of singling out one group who have something in common. Just because motorcyclists are often quite friendly and able to talk to each other doesn’t actually mean that we all know one another or have travelled together. For the vocal minority of moaners: You see 3 bikes pass one after the other – they pull into town and stop all parking in a row and leave their vehicles and you may observer them exchange some conversation. Have they travelled together, do they know each other? No change bikes for cars and answer the same question. The answer in both cases is the same: you have absolutely no way of knowing.

  4. I have looked on the government website, cannot find any information to confirm what is said in the article. Travel to outdoor areas, for exercise OR time outside is permitted, nowhere does it say this cannot be on a motorcycle. Obviously it is foolish to congregate in villages, but responsible riders spending time in the open countryside isn’t illegal.

  5. The police have different ideas to the government. The council and police are not following government advice. I follow the government’s guidelines. If the police dont like it I will see them in court.

    • If it comes to it David – let us know when and where and if fighting fund required…

  6. No laws broken, police are talking rubbish. Any fines fished out for just riding there and parking up would surely be thrown out.
    Think they need to check the .Gov website themselves.
    Its obvious that bikers shouldnt group up in a car park, but neither should anyone else.

  7. It was stated on mcn website that you can ride your motorcycle on your own or pillion if your from the same household. Also that you can ride with someone from outside your household as long as when you stop you social distance. This will just be snowflakes that are jealous they can’t ride, just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. That might be his view but it has no legal basis.
    You can drive or ride for a day trip anywhere in England provided you maintain 2m distancing which won’t be very difficult when most shops and attractions are closed.

    • I would be interested in you citing the law that states we have to maintain any distance let alone specifically and exactly 2m!

  9. As a lot have said, the police stance is different to the government position. Personally as a motorcyclist myself im still avoiding going out on the bike, & Personally sticking to the previous running essential travel only

  10. People can indeed travel as far as they like to enjoy the outdoors as a household unit, but as I understand it the rules say you can only meet one other person and you still need to maintain distance. Given that most facilities in Hawes are shut it’s hard to see why so many bikers turned up unless it was to congregate, which is not permitted.
    There were many more bikers in the Hawes area today than cars. The ones I saw were keeping a reasonable distance – but they will all know that rural communities have asked people not to travel from afar, even if the ‘rules’ permit it.
    I agree with those above that more could be done to make the precise ruling explicit, and also that the bikers parked up in twos at remote pull-offs were doing no harm, but those who congregated in Hawes were quite likely breaking the rules. Let’s hope clarification will come soon.

  11. I have searched the government sites and link posted above and can’t find anything to back these claims up. If this is fake news its shocking but thats my bike taxed and coming out of hibernation now !!!

  12. Not sure which way to go whilst my bike is sorbed. Local police in hants tell me I shouldn’t and I can see why- it’s notessential however much I love riding! There will be many times ahead to ride once we have more control over the virus. Riding now is just adding to the rebels who break the social distancing at the moment. I’d rather keep safe and help the police, who are struggling at the moment and we should respect them. Stop being spoilt and stay off the road whether your driving or riding.

    • Mark. Local police are wrong you are allowed to ride. I personally ride for my mental health as it relaxes me. If you have something else to do that and don’t want to ride that’s fine but don’t tar the rest of us as rebels.

    • Wow….
      Well I’ve paid my tax and insurance and work 60hrs a week still keeping money goin into the pot and if I decide I want to ride my bike for wind therapy and my own mental health I will and I will go where I please..
      You want to hide away that’s your choice your little twn doesnt want to take my money if do stop your loss and any officer pulls me will be recorded put under there oath and if try to impose fines etc on myself for goin about my lawful rights of travel will have court battle on there hands and while at it has PM as let people travel for excersice etc all public toilets and car parks should be open and just incase not aware refusing a person right to use public toilets is illegal🙂

  13. As bikers its simple… just ignore Hawes. Stuff their tourism needs when this is all over and stuff their buisnesses making money from our passing trade. If they don’t want us there so bad that they will lie about us breaking the law and bring the bobbies down for no lawfully reason then stuff em I say. I for one will never go back there.

    • Agreed – it’s so simple isn’t it?
      Go where we are welcome – stay away from where we are not

    • If they don’t want bikers there don’t go . The local shops and garage must make a canny profit from us all. A while back it was said all the bikers were intimidating as well . Lol a lot of us are 50 plus so how’s that . So yes as previously mentioned stay away all year and see how the shops like that . I also go up there in the car no complaints there tho

  14. I use my bike all year round and because of this pandemic I just use it for commuting to work and back, Hawes nice place to visit but any bikers congregating in large groups know damn well they are breaking the rules set down by the government

  15. Before people start shouting what is and is not illegal it might be worth them checking out what the ‘law’ says before passing comment. Also worth understanding the fact we are governed by law not guidelines! Guidelines can say what they like this does not mean that is a legal requirement. Like the fact that social distancing is not a legal requirement and never has been, regardless of what the local councillor claims to be the case. Again read the law.

    While I too think of motorcyclist to be a nuisance there appears nothing in the The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 that stops them from visiting the area on their bikes.

    Read the ‘actual’ law here, it lands on section 6 but use the buttons to navigate through the different section to see what law the government actually enacted and then only by dint of statutory instrument. Guidelines are only their preferred options, and if Gov. felt strongly enough about these, then they could have legislated to include all of these restrictions. Stop confusing law with guidelines.

  16. Right well, let’s organise a mass ride through this town. Let’s not stop and gather but this is absolute rubbish.

    Residents, police and councillors need to actually understand the law before they start laying down the law.

    I don’t understand why they feel that bikers are so scary? It’s like they are scared of us? Clearly don’t see and understand the whole biker world and how big our hearts are. We are just normal people who choose to follow a way of life or choose to experience that amazing feeling you get when it’s just you and the road and some buddies.

    We aren’t bad people, anybody that thinks so I suggest when this is all over you actually go out and mingle with the bikes, take a look at them. Show some interest and someone will start talking to you, you arrive as strangers and leave as friends.

    A stranger is just a friend you haven’t got to know yet!

    If this is the local councillors attitude then I suggest bikes boycott the area for a couple of months in the Peak season, the Councillor can then answer to the locals as to why the economy has gone to shit.

    As for people whinging about the noise going past and 10% of them being louder than HGVs. Answer this, how many of you hear bikes before you see them? How many hear them and then start looking in mirrors looking for them? This is EXACTLY the reason why it’s safer to have a loud exhaust. Some are too loud, I appreciate that coming from a none biker. But if having a loud exhaust can help me be seen and save my life so I get home back to my family, I sure as hell am going to have a loud exhaust.

    I would love to see one clear example of when a biker has caused a problem for locals and started fights etc like your residents seem to think we do. We give RESPECT to EVERYONE, no matter WHO you are, WHERE you come from and WHAT your beliefs are.


    That is us. I’m sure I speak on behalf of the wider biker community here.

  17. As usual bikers are the target and something for residents to moan about.
    I do agree they should adere to 2m distancing etc but if they comply with the rules then I see nothing wrong with it. After all, people can travel and go to a park and even visit a freind as long as they social distance.
    It’s a difficult time for us all, the council here have closed the seafront and car parks which I can understand but I hope we are not going into a police state, as I do feel some local authorities are enjoying doing, be reasonable but most of all be safe and have common sense.

  18. Bikes have been pouring through Richmond today. You can hear them miles away and the noise is awful particularly when you get 10 altogether. Why dont you just go out a couple together and stop in a lay-by and then drive back. These are still dangerous times. What is this urge to all go out and stand around together and upset people that live in these small places. Having nearly been taken out with a biker being over the white line I tolerate bikers but at the moment, is it an attitude that the virus will not happen to me, Please note that all the activities I was involved in stopped a week before lockdown and the supermarket once a week are the only outings I have undertaken

    • Not just 10, there were 15 or16 in a convoy heading up the dale. I find a bike 3metres off my rear bumper very intimidating. If bikers rode in smaller groups maybe there wouldn’t be so many complaints.

  19. EVERYONE should take great care here,police interpreting/makeing the law is a step closer to a police state.look at history and Do NOT give them this power.Baz Z wofrog.

  20. I belong to volunteer riders uk so far during lockdown we have legally been delivering ppe and so far more than 1.7million items have been delivered, this includes to hospitals, care homes and key workers etc.This is just one example of the good that bikers do, but only negative news make the headlines.

  21. As a biker,cyclist and working resident of the dales please everybody be calm, enjoy the beautiful area but most of all have respect for your fellow people. Be safe.

    • At last! a sane comment,the key word is RESPECT!!
      Respect, that as a community we are nervous about a sudden influx of visitors to our town,who perhaps can still go for a ride out, but not actually stop IN the town or village. The toilets are closed and it`s not nice to have to put signs up to tell people NOT to use paths in the centre of Hawes as toilets. You are all welcome but respect our fears and our homes.

  22. Mr Gee, back up your statement with facts. Read this and let us have your thoughts.
    “The government has today removed restrictions in England that prevented all motorcycle journeys unless you were a key worker, or the journey was considered essential. In a speech on Sunday night, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that you can “drive to other destinations” – however, it was unclear exactly what that meant.
    Having spoken directly with a spokesperson at No.10, MCN can confirm this means you are allowed to ride a motorcycle “to any open spaces” with no limit on the distance from today, Wednesday, May 13″.

  23. If you all grow up and start taking note to what’s all about covid19 and what it has caused for all of those businesses relying on income to survive.
    I am a biker myself like many of those who have mentioned that many come from many walks of life and jobs.
    Let’s hope many of you survive this crisis welcome everyone and give respect to all.

  24. Hawes is a lovely place and I am certain it won’t miss the money brought into the place if we all stay away period. At a nearby bike stop that was all people were talking about. Still Hawes loss is their gain.

  25. The Police are incorrect tegarding the law in this. The below is a direct loft from the legislation that they ‘uphold’

    “During the emergency period, no person may leave the place where they are living without reasonable excuse.
    a reasonable excuse includes the need—

    To visit a public open space for the purposes of open-air recreation to promote their physical or mental health or emotional wellbeing—
    (ii)with one or more members of their household, or
    (iii)with one member of another household ”

    It is foolish of riders to arrive at Hawes and other such places, to see there are already 10 plus bikes/bikers there but still stop…nothing much open and other than stand 2m apart, not much to do. By all means go for a ride, pull up somewhere out of the way and have a bottle of pop, smoke, walk etc…but to go, like sheep, to one village or town ?

  26. “If they come and park up there will be nothing to do other than admire their bikes and we’d rather they didn’t do that.” Come ooon, so it’s clear that the bikers have no intent to harm, but that sentence alone that I quoted, inspires me some kind of jealousy. I honestly read that in my mind as an elder person, perhaps in their 60s, in a conservative tone like those elder people talk when their telling kids not to play outside their house because they’re disturbing the grass or whatever.. give everyone a break, I agree maybe don do gatherings off the bikes, but on the bike, riding, what’s the problem in that ? Even stopping to admire their bikes, again that’s stupid, what’s the harm in that ? Some people..

    • ’cause you started banging on about ‘immigrants’ in Leeds fella. Didn’t delete it, just never approved it.

  27. As a motorcyclist myself I despair at my fellow motorcyclists , don’t force the pace , the good times will come again , there’s no reason to stop in hawes or gather in groups , go for your ride and return home , as I’m sure you are aware that legal or not it just doesn’t look good

  28. When all local businesses reopen in Hawes the £££££ motorcyclists spend will help with the local economy but the amount of criticism motorcyclists are receiving at present may have permanently driven many away from the village which may well suit some locals but possibly not local people trying to make an honest living.

  29. Youre not right inspector Mark Gee government says you can travel as long as you observe social distancing

  30. Reading these comments is some what of a piss take on bikers, i build and ride bikes , haven’t rode for 6 months due to having a wrist fusion but would love to relax and go for a run if I could and I would.. i also would stick to social distancing etc… you tiny little one minded boring people who have nothing else to do accept moan should start looking and the local young car drivers in your villages who think because they have learnt to drive on the back country roads think the are rally drivers and think about the dangers they cause to you on the road, the mess in the countryside with there McDonald’s rubbish thrown everywhere everywhere and those pathetic little 1ltr cars that are 40bhp with 6inch exhausts sending noise and fumes out the back as they remove all the emission controls to gain another 1bhp.. stop moaning and have a think!!!

  31. Bite the hand that feed you!
    The travel restrictions were lifted/ relaxed and I like most watched and then watched the clarification, along the screen was police have no power to fine people regarding social distancing.
    Discrimination towards bikers ? What about all the cars parked bumper to bumper on the local news, bikes are legally allowed to use the roads as much as cars,

  32. keep bitching people about tourists on two wheels .. i`m there regular and can spend up to £30 on one stopover … couples will be more … Penny Garth lunch coffee and cake.. fuel.. even an ice cream ..all the outlets they are overflowing with bikers spending their money .. to run and maintain a machine on the road costs so there is plenty coin to be had from these well heeled individuals plenty of other places to go who will welcome our credit cards with open arms…. PS.. Penny Garth if you’re reading this Ham & Eggs please .. when your open..

  33. For me, this is about an irresponsible minority spoiling it for the rest. Focus your local anger and police action on those not maintaining responsible distancing and stop demonising motorcyclists per se. Pathetic.

  34. The police can only enforce the law…. they can’t enforce government recommendations.

  35. You have all been told. Dont stop at hawes for fuel on the way to your destination. Just keep going until you run out of fuel, and spoil your pants as there is no where to go. Please hide when AA come to collect you, or maybe he will run out of fuel as hawes only want people on their terms, and the AA man may just smell a bit ammoniafied too because……

  36. What I wouldn’t give to have an English postcode!, I’m from N Wales and can’t get out on my Bike at all (It’s driving me nuts), if we don’t take it easy Me and all the other guys in Wales might not get out all Summer!!!, Yes always going to be those who just don’t like Bikers or Bikes, just let them alone in their narrow little World.

  37. I think Mr policeman should read up a bit more on what people can do or not ,i think he is way off the mark or does he make his own rules up as he goes along ,us bikers yes I’m one ,can ride anywhere in England as long as we social distance, just remember we all bring trade into your town and villages without tourists your cafes and shops could not survive.

  38. Never knew loud exhausts on bikes was so helpful and a safety aid for motorists!!When they zoom up behind, itching to get past, they generally scare the living daylights out of me. Not sure how respectful that is!!!I’m guessing many bikers don’t come for the peace and tranquility of the Dales and the scenery but the thrill of tearing along twisty roads.

  39. What’s the difference of seeing a large number of bikes in one location rather than a large number of cars.?

  40. I visit Hawes regularly during the year, on my bike, in the car, I spend on average £30 when I’m there on the bike, either in the cafe, fish and chip shop or creamery, I spend on average £60 when I’m there in the car with family again in the cafe, fish and chip shop or creamery. However when we stop in Hawes on our bikes, our group is usually 6 bikes, that could be £180 the local economy receives. Hawes is a great place to visit and in all the years I’ve been visiting I’ve always found the locals friendly, helpful and many are interested in the bikes we ride. In the current climate I have not stopped in Hawes, not that I shouldn’t do so, however I understand that doing so could upset some locals. I took a drink, a sandwich and ate lunch in an empty lay bye with a great view of Yorkshire. I enjoyed my day, hopefully upset no one and look forward to returning to Hawes in better times.

    • Well Rob me and my mates will be spending our money in restaurants,cafes etc in anywhere but Hawes when all this is over. There are lots of places and businesses that will be only to happy to get the money in their tills. I seen 4 or 5 of us spend upwards of £80 at a restaurant for lunch when we are out. Pity as I like Hawes it’s a nice town its a pity some of its residents are as nice.

  41. Inspector Mark Gee should read the government guidelines himself, as this is what it states:

    “1.9 Are day trips and holidays ok?
    Day trips to outdoor open space, in a private vehicle, are permitted.”

    A motorcycle is a private vehicle!

  42. In normal times, bikes and other road users are free to travel and go about their normal lives, but we aren’t in normal times. People travelling in large numbers, whether by car, bike or other means, risk bringing the virus to that area, causing the locals to avoid parts of the town they live in. Out of consideration, law or no law, at this time, we should not overload these places. I enjoy the National Parks too, but for now we should stay local.
    If bikers wonder why they seem to be picked on, question why. I live on a road in to the Dales, for days now the noise has been endless, bikers enjoying the loud noise their machines produce, they rev and change gear endlessly. The noise of a bike can be heard 3 or 4 miles away, multiply that by a group of 5 or 10. As they travel through the 30 zones, most are doing far higher speeds. Narrow lanes are like a race track in the summer, look at the death toll; this all takes up valuable emergency services at a time when they are needed elsewhere. Consideration for others isn’t difficult, just takes a little thought.

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