Motorist appeals for information after car damaged in crash

A motorist has appealed for information after her car was badly damaged overnight while parked in a Dales village.

The blue Ford Fiesta was parked by the side of the road in Bainbridge.

Someone crashed into the vehicle last night and then left the scene.

The incident happened between 11.05pm last night and 4.10am today.

Owner Payton Eastham says she is heartbroken at the extent of the damage and believes the vehicle may have to be written off.

“It’s my first car and I can’t afford to pay for it to be fixed with my excess being so high as I’m a new driver.

“I really want to find out who did this.”

Payton has found a piece of the vehicle which crashed into her Fiesta.

The serial number suggests its from a Ford Transit.

She added: “There is pieces all up the road as if the other car went to Hawes.”

If you have information contact Payton via Facebook here: