Motorist arrested after car carrying five passengers overturns in Wensleydale

Photo: Sarah Willis.

A motorist has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving after after a car overturned in Wensleydale.

Police say they were called to an incident at the top of Runs Bank, near Bellerby, at around 9.20pm on Friday.

A car had left the road and come to rest upside down on Ministry of Defence land used for military training.

Police believe the red Seat Ibiza contained five passengers — as well as the driver — at the time of the collision, with only one occupant wearing a seatbelt.

The driver and passengers managed to crawl out of the vehicle before the emergency services arrived.

A 26-year-old man believed to have been the driver failed a roadside breath test.

He was taken to hospital with minor injuries and later arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

The motorist was taken into custody for questioning and later released pending further enquiries.

Several of the passengers also needed hospital treatment for minor injuries.

Issuing an appeal for information on the incident, Inspector Mark Gee, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said the car had been left in situ for several days following the collision, which had served as a visual reminder about the dangers of reckless driving.

He added: “We would be interested to hear from anyone who saw the vehicle earlier in the evening or has other information that may be helpful to our investigation.”

Please ring North Yorkshire Police on 101 with any information, quoting reference number 12220138214.


  1. Barely ten days since a few were killed Beadle way and these numpties try and do it. Absolute idiots. The drink and drug drive culture is rife around the Dales and is getting worse despite denials by the said Inspector

    • You took the words right from my mouth and no doubt many more, the tragic fatal accident which is still very fresh in our minds with a community and dales still in shock and this selfish idiot who would have no doubt been aware of this awful tragedy decides not only to risk his own life but his occupants as well as other motorists should have the book thrown at him.
      Let this be a lesson another lesson to other motorist who decide to get behind a wheel while under the influence and thank god that all occupants Survived as this could have gone the other way and more lives could have been lost.

  2. A lot of motorists and motorcyclists use Bellerby and the surrounding roads as racetracks .There is hardly ever any police presence so the boy racers treat the speed limits with impunity.

  3. When are these idiots going to learn about drink and driving? Take his/her licence off them for five years and 12 months locked up.
    That is the only way to deal with these idiots.

  4. Sadly this car left, as is in situ, is in itself causing near misses with numpties rubber necking, I could have rear ended someone today who was braking to turn left down runs bank but then stopped dead to look at the upside down car instead, why can’t people just drive and concentrate on the road grrrrrr…..

  5. That’s quite an achievement to land the car over the stone wall! I see many drivers from out of the area not used to driving on our challenging hilly roads.

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