Motorist arrested for drug driving after Catterick Garrison crash

The accident in Catterick Garrison. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A motorist was arrested for drug driving after a crash in Catterick Garrison on Monday morning.

The head-on collision involving a BMW and Mercedes occurred in Byng Road, Hipswell.

The occupants suffered only minor injuries.

The Mercedes driver was arrested after providing a positive test for cocaine.

A blood sample has been taken and sent away for analysis.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police’s road policing group said: “They will have an opportunity in due course to explain why they were travelling on the wrong side of the road.

“And yes, sometimes we do despair.”


  1. Excellent work.Another selfish idiot off the road.Why do people continue to do it?

  2. Well done 👍 to the police 👮‍♀️ yet again another fool off the road it’s happening all to often . Thank you to the force

  3. The police did nothing but show up at the scene after! could understand the praise if they had pulled him before he had a chance to hurt anyone else. The big question here is the cocaine and why it is so prevalent in the Catterick / Richmond area, back to you NYPC.

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