Motorist has lucky escape after driving into flooded stream

A motorist had a lucky escape this morning after driving into a flooded stream.

The yellow 4×4 pick-up was washed down the stream around 50 metres after trying to cross a ford on a private lane across Bishopdale Beck, near Thoralby, in Bishopdale.

It is understood the driver was able to escape by climbing through the rear window into the back and the climbing along a tree branch.

Local residents said the man, a gardener who was working in the area, was wet but unhurt from his ordeal.

He had his dog with him at the time of the incident, which also managed to escape unharmed.

The incident comes just weeks after three men died while trying to cross a swollen river in a 4×4 in Glaisdale on the North York Moors.

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  1. People really need to get a grip about the power of water, just because it may look pretty calm on the surface doesn’t mean it is below. I just can’t believe just how many people take the risk then either have a lucky escape which may involve emergency services putting their lives at risk through sometimes pure stupidity. If you hesitate before you think of going in that’s enough not too. This guy obviously had a lucky escape but it was only a few weeks ago men were killed in a similar incident and if that’s not enough to make you think I just don’t know what is. Just because you have a 4×4 it doesn’t make you invincible as this and the other incident shows. Just THINK!

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