Motorist “lucky to get out alive” after crash barrier goes through car

Police say a motorist is lucky to have “got out alive” after a crash on the A1(M) at Scotch Corner.

The crash barrier ended up through the side window of the BMW Z3 following the collision.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police Road Policing Group said: “We regularly go to collisions where we say people were lucky to walk away or even get out alive.

“Never more so than the early hours of this morning on the A1 Motorway near Scotch Corner when this BMW Z3 left the carriageway before colliding with a fence and coming to rest behind the crash barrier.”

Police say the driver was injured but managed to get himself out of the car and to the ambulance.

Police said he admitted being a” little tired” while driving before the collision.

Posting photos on social media the force said: “This is exactly where the fence rails ended up.. wow, just wow.”