Motorists caught speeding at 108mph on A66

A police speed check near Aysgarth.

A motorist was caught speeding at 108mph on the A66 near Mainsgill during a police crackdown, it has emerged.

In an update on a drive to tackle the problem in Richmondshire, police say 77 drivers were caught speeding last month, making 1,254 motorists dealt with since October.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said: “This is well down on the first month we started promoting this issue as in October 2023 it was 584, so I am very happy overall.

“If we are being totally honest, we will never see no speeding motorists, but if there is a deterrent out there, then I am sure this will help make our roads much safer.

“We will continue with our campaign into the summer as most of you are reporting back with huge improvements where you are.

“Of course there will still be issues as we cannot be everywhere all of the time, but we can be anywhere at anytime.”

Insp Metcalfe said the worst offender in February was a driver clocked doing 38mph in a 30MPH zone on Leeming Road, Catterick Village.

However, he added: “I can now report that back in the summer we caught a young driver doing 108, yes 108 mph in a 50mph on the A66 close the the Mainsgill Farm Shop.

“This is quite unbelievable and also very shocking, but the young driver who was within two years of passing their test has now just received a £1,374 fine/costs along with six points on their driving licence, which means they have to take their driving test again and lost their licence.

“It is speeding and driving like this that kills, so I am personally very happy that someone like this has been taken off our roads.”