Motorists racing each other reported in Wensleydale

Police say problems of motorists racing each other were reported in Wensleydale yesterday.

North Yorkshire Police reported a busy day on Good Friday with a number of accidents and incidents across the county.

Among the issues was a report of vehicles racing each other in the Hawes area.

Problems of motorists speeding through Dales villages have also been reported.

The force has launched a holiday weekend-long crackdown on illegal road use in a bid to prevent casualities.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We began a roads policing operation to prevent fatalities and target illegal road use.

“There is currently an enhanced police presence on the roads to keep everyone safe.

“This will continue throughout the bank holiday weekend and beyond.

“We have marked and unmarked police vehicles covering villages, suburbs and other residential areas, A-roads, B-roads and rural routes.”

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  1. Travel these roads a lot, About time something was done about fast dangerous drivers on these country roads.
    No good finds, prison for a few days in local cells and break cars into pieces, Will cool them down.
    They are playing with lives, If people think differant, WAIT till one of Thier children is murdered by these idiots speeding, then see what they say after they stop crying about losing member of family.
    We as a country are too soft on car drivers who lame or KILL.
    No differance between car and GUN, just the IDIOT behind it.

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