Motorists receive fines for blocking Richmondshire roads

Aysgarth Falls.

A total of 57 motorists were issued fines for wilful obstruction of blocking the highway after crowds flocked to Richmondshire over the weekend.

19  of the fines were handed to drivers parked on roads near Aysgarth Falls.

Motorists parked on verges after the national park authority car park was closed due to being full.

A further 38  fines were handed out to drivers parked in and around Richmond, including Sleegill, Rimmington Avenue and the market place.

Police said the motorists had blocked roads, parked over pavements, parked on junctions and caused a danger to other road users.

Superintendent Charlotte Bloxham, North Yorkshire Police’s silver commander for the response to Covid-19, said: “This weekend has seen unprecedented numbers of visitors to local beauty spots and although people were out in numbers, the vast majority of people were acting responsibly and we thank them for their continued efforts.

“However, once again, there have been pockets of antisocial behaviour and other incidents that have placed demand on the emergency services. Unfortunately it’s a minority causing issues for the majority of law-abiding people.”

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  1. As a long standing motorcycle enthusiast I love the sound of an on song four stroke as it howls round the Isle of man TT course or round Croft circuit. I don’t want to hear them on the A684 and I fully get it why others don’t too. There’s no excuse for having a noisy motorbike and modern machines are made to be quiet, unless they’re interfered with. And I’ve never liked Harleys because of the unnecessary noise, even when they always sound like they’re going to expire even on tickover. As for the bikers themselves- well they’re a microcosm of society, most are responsible and some aren’t.

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