Motorists travel from far and wide to fill up in Hawes

Motorists queue fur fuel in Hawes. Photo: Glen Minikin.

A Dales petrol station selling some of Britain’s cheapest fuel is seeing drivers flock from neighbouring counties.

Dale Head Community Garage has seen motorists making 50-mile round trips to fill up and have had to get extra deliveries as they’re running out of both petrol and diesel.

This week, the garage in Hawes was selling petrol at £1.58 per litre – compared to a national average of  £1.80 – and diesel for £1.68, compared to the £1.90 UK average.

Traffic has been snaking away from the garage in long queues as word spreads of the rock bottom prices.

Dale Head’s secret is that it is owned by a non profit making cooperative – and it also gets a 5p rebate because it is so far from the nearest oil refinery.

The service station in the Yorkshire Dales National Park has seen people driving from neighbouring Lancashire and Cumbria just to fill up.

Abbie Rhodes, general manager of the Upper Dales Community Partnership which runs the garage, was serving behind the counter yesterday.

She said: “It’s been a bit chaotic since we posted our latest prices on social media, I don’t think people can believe it.

“Everyone has become so used to paying these ridiculous prices at the pumps that there’s been a real rush to come here, often from miles around.

“We’re happy with that because the more we sell the cheaper we can sell it for.

“The garage is run by a not for profit organisation which also runs other things in Hawes like the library and post office.

“So although the garage isn’t making any profit the money raised from selling petrol and diesel can be ploughed into other parts of the community.

“It’s great, it means the drivers are happy and it’s really helping the town’s services.”

The garage has been forced to apologise to customers for breaks in service because the pumps have run dry because of the demand.

They had to close after the busy the weekend until a tanker could make its way across the dales to replenish supplies.

Drivers were happy to wait to fill up.

Andrew Jackson, 34, said: “I’ve only come 10 miles but word has spread right across the area, it’s the talk of the Dales.

“Holidaymakers who’ve come from the major towns can’t believe it, they’ve got used to paying £2 a litre.”

Harry Wallace, 72, from Manchester, was on holiday with his wife and daughter. He said: “I thought there was a mistake on the sign when I drove past.

“I just wish I lived a bit closer. I can see why people are driving a long way to fill up here, fuel’s become so expensive that it makes financial sense to do that.

“There should be garages like this right across the country, it’s a great idea.”


  1. Is it possible to display ‘SOLD OUT’ on the digital price display sign when you have run out of either petrol or diesel?
    This will stop people queuing to fill up, only to find when the get to the pump that there is no fuel available
    Not only will this stop individuals getting frustrated but will also assist with traffic congestion.
    If this is not possible then maybe a prominent sign would assist.

  2. Yes, it’s stupid traveling 50 miles to fill up. How much are you going to use their and back? If they are filling containers which should be stopped to give the locals a chance.

    • That happens here in America, too. The local TV news creates hysteria, telling viewers where the cheap gas is. Then those geniuses drive there and wait in line, losing more money than they saved.

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