MP pays tribute to Covid-19 volunteer groups

Rishi Sunak talks to members of the Leyburn and Dales Support for Covid-19 group.

Rishi Sunak has paid tribute to the volunteer groups who have provided help to the vulnerable and isolated during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Meeting members of the Leyburn and Dales Support for Covid-19 group, Mr Sunak said what the groups had done over the last four months had been “amazing and humbling.”

“So many people have come forward, offering their time and energy, organised their local groups and put themselves at the disposal of the county’s effort to cope with the impact the virus has had on those who have been most at risk,” he said. “All of us owe them a huge amount to gratitude for what they have accomplished and continue to do.”

The Richmond MP made his remarks after meeting a small group of the volunteers at The Old School House – the Leyburn’s group’s base during the crisis.

Rishi Sunak delivers a prescription to Andrew Taylor in Leyburn.

He listened to the volunteers tell of their experiences of delivering essentials to those who have had to shield – people in the at-risk groups because of age or pre-existing medical conditions.

Accompanied by one of the volunteers, Charlotte Smith, Mr Sunak delivered a prescription to a couple shielding at their home in Leyburn – Andrew and Beth Taylor.

Mr Sunak has also written expressing his thanks and gratitude to the many other support teams in his constituency, including groups in Northallerton, Richmond, Bedale, Catterick and TS9 (Stokesley and Great Ayton)

David Poole, who has led the Leyburn support group, said: “We are grateful that Mr Sunak came to talk to our volunteers about what they have been doing in our community. Thankfully, demand has come down a lot since the height of the crisis but there is still a need for our efforts.”

Mr Sunak has also recently visited the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, to thank staff for their ‘heroic’ work on the frontline during the pandemic.

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  1. And don’t forget the village support groups! Not so high profile but had a vital role in their small communities keeping up morale and making sure no one was left high and dry

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