MP sends letters to community groups and businesses helping in COVID-19 fight

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak is sending out thank you letters to community groups, volunteers and businesses helping in the fight against the coronavirus.

Volunteers running Covid-19 community help groups and businesses supplying food to isolating households are among the recipients of the letters.

Fergus Brown, who coordinates the Richmond Yorks Covid 19 Mutual Aid group, received a letter on behalf  of the volunteers who are helping shielding households in the town.

He said: “Irrespective of politics, it is pleasing that our group’s work has been noticed and recognised by our MP, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who is quite busy at the moment.”

The MP told Richmondshire Today: “I’ve been very conscious of the amazing work that has been done in the constituency to help us get through this national emergency.

“From the Covid-19 support groups that have formed in every town to the businesses that have re-thought the way they work to deliver to people’s homes, so many individuals, groups and enterprises are working really hard to assist in these difficult times.

“I felt they deserved a gesture of my deeply-felt appreciation for what they doing to help the most vulnerable in our communities and to ensure everybody observes the Government guidelines to stay at home, to protect the NHS and to save lives.” [kofi]

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  1. I wonder if Sunak is giving his extra “working from home” bonus, to the vulnerable people of his constituency. We all still have to pay for electricity and heating! All words, without a single good deed. Well done to Fergus and team, for their sterling work

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