Muker Parish Council report

Muker in Swaledale. Photo: Gullwing Photography.



Matters Arising:

Silver Hill – Cllr Don Mackenzie had responded to concerns regarding the proposed reduction in gritting of Silver Hill by the Highways Subcontractor he stated that there would be no change to the current levels of gritting.

Grass Cutting Muker – There had been no response from Highways regarding the request to cut the green at the top of the Car Way. The Clerks had spoken with the contractor cutting the main green and they had confirmed that they were contracted by Highways.

Street Lights – Part Night Lighting – there had been one response by a resident regarding street lighting in Muker.  The meeting felt that there should be no reduction in street lighting levels.


Buttertubs – Reflective Strips – The Clerk of Melbecks Council had contacted the Clerks to say that a resident had raised the issue of missing reflective strips on the Buttertubs Pass. There are a number of areas where the strips are missing. Cllr Metcalfe also raised the issue of missing cats eyes. Clerks to contact Highways to request replacements for the missing strips and cats eyes. A recent accident with a motorbike on the Buttertubs was also discussed. Cllr Reynoldson stated that there was still debris piled up at the side of the road. Clerks to contact Highways.

Raised Area – Opposite Institute, Muker – Cllr Metcalfe raised a potential problem about Tractors with trailers being able to turn properly around the corner by the Institute. He stated that whilst the area had been much improved it may cause problems. Clerks to arrange a meeting with the relevant parties to discuss the issue. Cllr Metcalfe also pointed out that there was a large pothole outside the Institute in Muker which needed repairing. Clerks to contact Highways.

Cattle grids Cllr Metcalfe raised the issue of the Cattle grids at Ivelet still requiring cleaning. Highways had stated that they were to be done. Clerks to raise again with Highways. Cllr Reynoldson stated that the fence on the Cattle grid on the Buttertubs required repairing.

Grasscutting of roadside verges was also raised as a problem; Cllr Metcalfe said that they were cutting the grass but missing bushes and trees, all the way along the B6270. Clerks to contact Highways.

Richmondshire DC:

Elections Town & Parish Council Elections – Information had been received from RDC regarding elections to be held next May detailing the costs to the Parish Council of a contested or non- contested election and asking them to consider these costs when setting their Parish Precept. Further Information regarding the Elections will be sent in March.

Public Toilets Upgrade – Cllr Blows had forwarded a press release from RDC regarding an Upgrade of 14 Public Toilets. They have allocated £100,000 towards the upgrades and the work is expected to be complete by March 2019. Both Muker and Keld toilets are included in the upgrade. Cllr Blows has requested that ‘sensible lighting’ should form part of the upgrade at Muker.

Parish Precept – A letter had been received from RDC asking the council to consider the level of precept required for 2019. A response is required by 8 January. The chairman stated that it would be discussed at the meeting in November.


Planning Application Kisdon Muker – A planning application had been received for a loft conversion at Kisdon in Muker – The Council had no objections.

Planning Application Kisdon View, Angram – The Planning Application has been approved conditionally.

Autumn Parish Forum – An invitation to the Autumn Parish Forum had been received.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:  Thursday 1 November 2018. 7.30pm