Muker Parish Council report

Muker. Photo: Dennis Turner.


Planning Application – R/06/51C Kisdon View Angram

A number of e-mails from local residents had been received prior to the meeting outlining objections to the planning application and these had been circulated to Councillors for review before the meeting. The Chair explained that for the purposes of this item Cllr Blackie was here to listen to the discussion, but that he would offer no opinion at this stage.

The Chair invited one member of the public on behalf of residents to speak. Sharon de-Witt outlined the main objections as follows:

  1. The close proximity of the build to Spion Cop, in particular its proximity to the Kitchen, which she believed could be a health issue
  2. Smell from effluent and animals
  3. Noise –Cows bellowing and concern that sheep enclosed and in such close proximity would also make unacceptable levels of noise.
  4. No proper drainage outlined in the plan. There is Mud and gravel beneath the yard so there is a concern that water and effluent could soak into the ground and as the land slopes towards Spion Cop, then potentially it would affect that property. She stated that when a pipe had previously leaked the water had come up into Spion Cops garden. She also questioned how rainwater will drain away as the roof on the proposed building slopes towards Spion Cop.
  5. The proposed build will block light to Spion Cop and its garden, she again stated that it is too close to the property and is potentially oppressive.

Sharon de Witt said that the owner of Spion Cop – Crispin Coates is working abroad and cannot attend the meeting.

Jim Peters reiterated that the proposed build was too close; in particular he noted the close proximity to the kitchen in Spion Cop and was concerned that this was a potential health issue.

Griff Fellows suggested that the plans could be modified to cover most of the objections, by moving the proposed build to the south side in an L Shape around the building and that this potential compromise should be explored.

Cllr Metcalfe explained the pressure that Farmers were under in so far as Natural England wanted to ensure that sheep were off the moors in the winter. Cllr Reynoldson explained that sheep cannot be put into the older smaller barns as there are welfare issues. Cllr Metcalfe stated that sheep make less noise and less effluent than cows.

There then followed a discussion with Councillors about all of the above points.

 At this point in the meeting Cllr Blackie explained how the planning process worked once a decision at Parish Council level had been made.

Councillors agreed to approve the application with the following conditions attached:

a)     The build has a concrete floor and waterproof walls

b)     That the floor has the correct levels to ensure run off does not affect adjacent properties

c)      That the build has a drainage system to ensure that rain water from the roof is carried away.

Cllr Blackie reported the following:

  1. Telephone Box – Thwaite – Cllr Blackie stated that there had been a change in personnel and that a new engineer was currently looking at the problem as a top priority issue and BT had apologised for what had happened.
  2. The Boundary Commission had fully accepted his proposal for a Ward that combined Hawes and High Abbotside and Upper Swaledale.
  3. Today was the first day of the Community run Hawes Petrol Station, he stated that it had been a very successful day.

Matters Arising

Silver Hill – A site meeting is to be held with Cllr Blackie, Cllr Whitehead and Richard Marr of NYCC Highways.

Streetlights Keld –Gary Hudson of RDC had sent an electrician to look at the sensor in the Keld Toilets, the lights outside of the toilets in Muker had been fixed.

BT Box Keld –Cllr Whitehead thought that some work may have been carried out as the problem did not seem as bad as it was.

Hoggarths Bridge Roadside – Clerks had reported to Highways and were awaiting a response.

Grasscutting – Highways had responded.

Toilets Muker – Gary Hudson of RDC had responded to the Parish Council’s concern about the lack of sanitary bins in the cubicles of the ladies toilets. Gary Hudson stated that sanitary bins are not provided in any of the Councils public toilet facilities, but that there are waste bins provided wherever there are baby changing facilities. An e-mail had been received from Colin Dales RDC regarding the cleaning of the toilets stating that a new Street Scene Service would be in place from 6 November 2017 in order to make services “more efficient and resilient”. He stated that contrary to reports this does not represent a reduction in service and that he would welcome feedback positive or negative regarding the new regime. Cllr Blackie stated he was confounded as to how Colin Dales could state that there was not a reduction in services, when the toilets were currently being cleaned on a daily basis and were now to be cleaned only four times a week, in particular the fact that the public were now being charged 20p to use the toilets had in fact made the situation worse. Cllr Blows offered to look at this issue. Clerk to forward correspondence to Cllr Blows.

Finance: Grit Bins – An order to pay was raised for £90 for the filling of the grit bins.

Richmondshire D.C – Toilet Charges Muker – A letter had been received from RDC stating that the charging mechanisms were being installed. The new charges are now in place for the toilets at Muker and Keld.

YDNP – Planning Application – Park Lodge Farm and Keld Green –An application has been made by Northern Power Grid North East to remove an overhead conductor and associated poles in the Keld area and install two pole mounted transformers – No Objection

YDNP – Management Plan – An annual forum is to be held on the 23 November at Ingleton.

YDNP – Planning Building New Homes – the Chair read out an e-mail from YDNP Planning. One of the main objectives of the new Local Plan is to increase the supply and range of housing. The YDNP requests that builders, developers, agents and any other interested party consider the potential for “developing new build housing” in the National Park and have published a guide to the new policies which is available on their website.

YLCA: Membership Fees – The YLCA membership fees are to increase slightly. The Council agreed that they would continue membership.


A Letter had been received from the Great North Air Ambulance detailing the work they do and requesting a donation. Clerks to contact them.

A letter had been received from Mr Noel Aspinall thanking the Parish Council for responding to him about his concerns regarding parking in Muker.

Superfast Broadband Keld – an e-mail from Superfast North Yorkshire outlining the new services had been received. Residents can check what speed they have by entering their telephone number at residents can then contact their service provider to place an order with them for superfast fibre optic broadband. Not all providers are offering this service in the area. For further details of who is offering superfast broadband residents can enter their postcode at and select the fibre tab.

Defibrillator Tan Hill – The Council have been awarded a grant of £664.30 from the Area Partnership Fund. This was lower than the amount which had been requested. Clerks to contact Mike Peace of Tan Hill to see how much Tan Hill Pub can raise towards the cost of the defibrillator, cabinet and fitting.

Cllr Reynoldson raised the issue of water on the road over Buttertubs Pass particularly on the tops and with the weather turning colder the problem of the water turning to ice. Clerks to contact Highways with a view to getting the side gutters cleared.

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Thursday 7 December 2017. 7.30pm