Mum raises money for charity after daughter’s suicide

Hairdresser Carol Moore shaves Jo Bunce's hair off.

A Bainbridge mum who lost her daughter to suicide is raising money to help support other young people by having her head shaved.

Tamsin Mosley, 28, from Darlington, took her life in November 2021.

Her mum, Jo Bunce, shaved her head at the Rose and Crown in Bainbridge to raise money for suicide prevention charity Papyrus on Saturday.

So far she has raised more than £2,800 for the charity in memory of her daughter.

Tamsin Mosley.

Jo said social media can make young people feel inadequate.

“The pressures on today’s young people are scary, everything is highlighted to be better, bigger, whiter, prettier, when in reality each individual is beautiful in their own way regardless – even when everyone else sees this the individual does not.

“Social media does nothing to help people with these feelings of inadequacy. Tamsin was no different, she was so beautiful, not just in a mother’s eyes, but to everyone who knew her – beautiful in looks, beautiful daughter, beautiful human being.”

Jo said her best friend started her chemotherapy treatment in September.

“She is more upset about losing her hair than her breast so I decided to support her and shave my hair off when she loses hers.

“I lost my dear mum last year when cancer took her from me. Ten weeks later my world really fell apart when my beautiful daughter took her life and is now an angel in the sky but I would do anything for her still to be here, for both of them to still be here.”

To donate to Jo’s appeal, click here.