Nails and screws spread maliciously on track cause cause damage to football coaches’ cars

Junior football coaches are facing repair bills of hundreds of pounds after nails and screws were scattered on a track next to community pitches.

Catterick Village Sports Association has appealed for information after the rusty nails, screws and felt tacks were thrown on a section of the track next the pitches.

The incident happened between Sunday, October 2 and Tuesday, October 4.

Several coaches and parents from Catterick Village Junior Football Club suffered punctures when they arrived on Tuesday evening for training, including one who had four burst tyres.

Jason Thompson, from the sports association, said: “Some very kind person or persons decided that they don’t like to see children enjoying themselves as they thought it would be a good idea to spread hundreds of rusty nails, screws and felt tacks along a small section of the track onto the field.

“When the first coaches and parents arrived on Tuesday evening for training, they received punctures to their tyres.

“One needed four new tyres, one needed two and several others needing repairs, some of which didn’t notice until trying to go to work the next morning — luckily there were no blow outs on the A1!

“The cost of these new tyres, repairs and time wasted amounts to hundreds if not thousands of pounds, but what is most concerning is that someone could be so callous.”

He added: “Coaches who are volunteers had to spend time before training like crime scene investigators ensuring the remaining screws and nails were picked up as best as possible to hopefully avoid further punctures, but more importantly avoid them being picked up on tyres then dropped onto the field where children play.”

The association has CCTV around the pavilion but it is not clear enough to make out who was responsible.

It did however pick up activity on the track on Sunday evening.

Jason added: “There are some signs of activity on Sunday evening with what looks like torches in that area of the track and possibly a car.

“If anyone who lives close by to the sports field saw anything suspicious last Sunday evening onwards, please get in touch so along with what CCTV footage we have we can add it to the report for the police.

“This was a deliberate callous act and the CVSA and CVJFC will be taking it further.”

The sports association is now the process of getting new improved CCTV equipment installed following several incidents of vandalism recently

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the association by email here.