National park officers record call of curlew to relieve Covid-19 stress

A curlew on Redshaw Moss.

Officers at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority are opening a window to the Dales to help bring the outdoors inside while Covid-19 measures are in place.

The latest offering is a piece of slow radio featuring the calls of the curlew and a striking encounter with a kestrel, recorded over the past week during an officers’ one-hour exercise walks.

It’s recommended to listen with headphones and eyes closed.

Listen until the end for the curlew’s most haunting call

To learn more about the curlew, which has the same international conservation status as the jaguar, see this post by curlew specialist Ian Proudler.

Our wildlife conservation officer Ian Court has been surprised by how often buzzards pass over his ‘airspace’.


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  1. To hear buzzards is so magical, and of course the evocative call of the carrion crow, who needs to hear blackbirds and finches when you’ve got that? Lovely

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