Need for restrictions on housing sold to non-locals, say Middleham councillors


There should be a restriction on the proportion of new houses that can be sold to non-local residents, Middleham Town councillors say

The council will ask the new North Yorkshire unitary authority (which comes into existence from April 1 2024) to place a restriction, within local planning guidance, upon the proportion of new houses that can be sold to non-local residents.

It had questioned the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority as to why the former Methodist chapel in Aysgarth was marketed as only available for “community use”.

The Authority had advised it that this was not a planning issue but possibly that the building was registered as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act 2011 which excluded conversion to housing. Accordingly, this did not represent a different procedure to that for the chapel recently sold in Middleham.

Play Areas. – A contribution of £5, 248 (exclusive of recoverable VAT) would be made by the council towards a significant revamp of the older children’s play area in Park Lane. This will be a grant from the Charity for the Benefit of Inhabitant Householders of the parish of Middleham.

Kathy Wheeler was thanked for obtaining significant external funding (£41,750) for the scheme.

It was agreed that funding for new benches should be investigated. These will be of similar appearance to existing metalwork benches that Council was looking into relocating.

Future events. – It was noted that the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday will be on Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3 2022 in place of Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Following the success of the Super Feast event, it was agreed to discuss a Platinum Jubilee event with the Feast Committee.

A Spring Clean will be held next year with the date yet to be agreed.

Land management. – The council heard that North Yorkshire County Council’s highways department had confirmed that drains in Middleham had been cleared.

Councillors had met with Mr Kalkowski, the tree consultant and one of his suggestions had been the possibility that trees planted on the Low Moor might restrict water run-off, although this would obviously be a long-term solution.

New councillor. – After considering three applications the council resolved to appoint Sam Mashford to fill the vacancy for a councillor.

It was also agreed to adopt the revised model code for smaller councils produced by the Local Government Association.

It was reported that a post on Middleham Residents’ Facebook page by Cllr Skelton advising restricted numbers of invitations to the Children’s Christmas party following an updated Covid risk assessment had prompted some unpleasant comments regarding overall arrangements.  It was agreed that whilst the page was a potentially useful means of communicating to a wider audience, and the offending comments reflected a minority of views, in future where feedback or responses to council were required these should be made via the council’s email address.

The council regretted that the children’s Christmas grotto had been cancelled. It was questioned whether the Council should directly organise and run the grotto; possibly in future years it could be arranged by the Key Centre as a community event, funded by the council.

Precept. – The council has agreed that the precept for the next financial year will be £12,250 being a two per cent increase on the current one.

The next meeting will be in the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday, February 9 2022.

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  1. Isn’t this discriminating against larger councillors?
    “It was also agreed to adopt the revised model code for smaller councillors”

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