New councillor needed for Middleham Town Council

Middleham Market Place.

Middleham Town Council will need to co-opt a new councillor as no-one has requested an election it was reported at the March meeting.

Cllr Liz Stocker was thanked for taking over Professor Bryan Shorrock’s roles with the website and editing the Middleham  Herald.

Budget surplus. – It was resolved that any budget surplus remaining at the year-end should be used to bring direct benefit to Middleham or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants.

It was suggested that one possibility would be to make a financial contribution towards the cost of removing asbestos from the school.

It was agreed to make donations of £100 each to Middleham church and the Key Centre, and of £20 to The Bridge, in recognition of their support for the Richard III Festival in 2017.

Tour de Yorkshire. – It was reported that a grant of £1,720 to Middleham Sports and Community Wellbeing Association to provide land art and community activities when the tour passes through the town on Sunday May 6 had been approved by Richmondshire District Council.

Middleham Trainers’ Association will contribute £750 and it was possible that the Middleham Business Forum would also make a contribution, said Cllr Honor Byford.

A contractor has been engaged to provide the land art and an impression of this was shown to the council.

Burial ground. – The clerk reported that Yorkshire Water apparently did not have any records of the depth of the pipes crossing the site. It had proposed that the council should measure that itself by opening the inspection covers.

If the pipes are deep enough the area available for burials and interments might be increased.

In order to save £600 to procure a borehole specification the clerk will contact the Environment Agency.

Planning. – Mr Scotchburn-Snell told the council that revised plans had been submitted for the proposed extension to his property in St Alkelda’s Road and he hoped that would alleviate the concerns of their neighbour.

Western Willows. – The invitation to tender  for Western Willows, with a plan,  will be placed on the website and on the noticeboard.

Annual  town meeting. –  It was agreed to invite Inspector Mark Gee of the Richmond Area Neighbourhood Policing Team and Richmondshire District Councillor Karin Sedgwick to the annual town meeting which will be held on Thursday May 17.

Next meeting. – This will be in the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday April 25.