New drainage system to be installed in Thoralby

A new drainage system can be installed at Thoralby, Aysgarth and District Parish Council was informed at its last meeting.

As a parish meeting will not be held this month due to Covid-19 restrictions flyers were posted through the doors of 75 residents in the village asking if Thoralby Moss funds could be used.  As the majority supported this proposal Thoralby Parish decided to go ahead with the drainage works when the weather permitted.

New homes. – In response to the Yorkshire  Dales National Park Authority’s (YDNPA) consultation on where  new homes could be built  the parish council stated that the Local Plan should be as flexible and responsive as possible to change and the boundary lines around settlements should not be too restrictive. It added that applications should be dealt with on their own merit.

Bishopdale. – The parish council had been informed by the county council’s structures team that there wasn’t any funding available for the realignment of the road and re-construction of Bishopdale Bridge.

The county council’s highways department is  planning to use a high pressure jetter to clear the blocked culvert on the lane from Cross Lane into Newbiggin village.

Thornton Rust. –  The council was concerned about a  proposal to underground powerlines at Thornton Rust.

It was noted that there were a number of unmarked drains in that village and a similar situation in Aysgarth had led to various problems when such work was carried out there.

The clerk had been informed by a highways officer that he had been unable to find any bushes on highway land between the village and Cubeck that he considered to be overhanging.

Cllr Tim Freer said he would provide the clerk with some photos to send to the highways department.

Thoralby. – The parish council agreed that the grazing agreement for Thoralby Moss should be reviewed.

Councillors reported on the location of potholes in Thoralby some of which the highways department had repaired previously.

It was reported that some work had been carried out by the YDNPA  in Low Green Lane but a drain outside Chapel Garth needed to be unblocked.

Aysgarth. – Cllr John Dinsdale reported that  he had sourced a grant from the Crouche Trust to cover the cost of installing new steps at the Rock Garden.

There was concern about dog fouling in the village. The parish council was informed that Richmondshire District Council and the dog warden were looking into the matter.

Next meeting. – This will be at 7.30pm on Thursday April 8.