New ‘eco-dwelling’ proposed to overlook Shawl in Leyburn

An artist's impression of the proposed house in Risebar, Leyburn, from the rear.

Plans for an ‘eco-dwelling’ have been submitted for a prominent site overlooking the Shawl in Leyburn.

A planning application has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council for the property in the garden of 30 The Shawl, Riseber, the western most house on the street which is next to the popular beauty spot.

The plans for the two-bedroom property have been submitted by the owners of 30 Riseber.

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As well as insulated concrete walls which are said to be environmentally friendly, the  property would include underfloor heating provided by an air source heat pump, solar roof tiles to generate electricity and a system to harvest rain water for use for washing, in the toilets and in the garden.

Documents submitted with the plans state that although the design is not typical of the brick and rendered properties in Riseber “it is a modern design which incorporates elements of both styles in the area”.

The documents add: “The property in set down into the ground to literally ‘plant’ it in the landscape. The existing boundary walls, trees and planting help screen the property, and ‘soften’ the impact any new property would create.

“The design makes the most of the views with the tower providing the stairs to the first floor, with a landing, which is an excellent place to sit and take in the ‘Gateway to The Dales’.”

The designers say they have tried to incorporate an “exciting design with excellent low carbon and renewable energy capabilities”.

An artist’s impression of the house from the Shawl.

They add: “The orientation facing south, makes the most of the solar gains and views. Most of the windows face away from neighbouring properties, or face blank gables, or high boundary walls to the north.

“Because we have set the ground floor level of the proposed property at the same level a  No 30 Riseber, the proposed dwelling sits nicely in the site and will not be too visible from the private road along Risebar.”

You can read the plans in full here.

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