New group forms on Richmondshire District Council

A new group has formed on Richmondshire District Council.

Colburn councillor Cllr Kevin Foster, the council’s first ever Green Party councillor, is no longer part of the Richmondshire Together group.

Instead, he has joined independent Catterick and Brompton-on-Swale councillor Leslie Rowe to form a new group, the Green Party and Independent group.

Cllr Foster said he had taken the decision because he felt he was not been considered for committees that he believed he should have been put forward for.

He added: “The experience I gained last year will stand me in good stead to represent my ward and Richmondshire so I have no regret, but I feel it is now time for me to move one.

“I feel I will be able to work well with Councillor Rowe. We share views on not only environmental issues but on working with our community and helping the most vulnerable people in our wards and Richmondshire.

“This will be essential at this very uncertain time. I would like to make clear we will be able to vote freely without consultation on any issue; I feel this makes our group unique.”

Leader of the new group, Cllr Rowe added: “In these difficult times it’s more important than ever to ensure that fairness and equality are at the centre of everything we do. For years we have been told that we can’t change society, especially in a rural area like Richmondshire.

“Councillor Foster and I believe we can and must change the way society is run, to fight for a fairer and more just society, and that is what we intend to do.”

In a separate move, Cllr Pat Middlemiss, who represents Scotton, has left the Conservative group and joined Richmondshire Together. [kofi]