New HD antenna goes live on Bilsdale mast to restore services

The new Bilsdale mast.

An additional antenna has gone live on the new Bilsdale mast to restore HD services.

Arqiva, which operates the site, says the antenna from the new 300m Bilsdale mast will return HD services to anyone who may have lost them since the mast went live on May 11.

The company said the latest antenna went live on Sunday and most equipment should automatically recognise that the services are available.

However, experts say a retune will not disrupt anyone’s services and instructions on how to do this can be found at

Arqiva added in a statement: “This latest go-live means that almost all TV services that were present on the old Bilsdale mast have now been restored.

“As a result, the Project Restore helpline will close on July 7 so anyone still experiencing issues with their TV services relating to the Bilsdale mast is encouraged to call on 0800 121 4828 before that date.

“Local TV will return in due course as well as radio. We will update on each of these services as they get closer.”