New homes approved for Bainbridge despite opposition from locals

Five homes are planned behind the Rose and Crown in Bainbridge.

Members of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority have approved an application for five new homes in Bainbridge despite strong opposition from local residents.

It’s the third time in four years that the committee has voted in favour of a development behind the Rose and Crown pub.

Following legal challenges brought by residents against earlier plans, Hornblower Developments Ltd brought a fresh application seeking to build the homes for shared ownership in partnership with a housing association.

However, the move was criticised by Bainbridge Parish Council which said that while councillors agreed affordable homes were needed in the community, they were not needed on a shared ownership basis.

The authority said local people needed local properties that were available for them to buy at “truly affordable prices”.

Commenting on the vote, Upper Dales county councillor Yvonne Peacock, who had criticised the plans and said it was “absurd” that a shared ownership house valued at about £270,000 was now considered affordable when two years ago the same house was considered unaffordable at £190,000, said she was very unhappy at the outcome.

“Yet again the national park authority has totally disregarded the views of the parish council and the local community.

“There was no support for these houses. They say they are affordable but they simply aren’t.”

But member champion for development management, Jim Munday, welcomed the decision.

He said: “I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to approve more new affordable homes in the national park. Because this is shared ownership housing, it means that a young couple only need to be able to afford 25 per cent of the cost of the house in order to get a foot on the housing ladder.

“Shared ownership will enable local people to buy a modern home that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

“The developer has shown great patience in the face of local campaigns that have made this development really challenging and I commend the company’s resolve to build good quality affordable homes for local people.

“We need a wide range of different affordable housing types across the national park as well as more sites, such as the one in West Witton that is now nearing completion.”


  1. What a shame. These houses were passed twice for outright buying with a 30% discount to local people by the parks. because of a threat of a court case, they suggested to the applicant and landowner to apply for shared ownership which we already have not fully subscribed to in the village. Now it is a case of to buy 80% these approved houses is £216,000 plus rent on 20% and maintenance, or you could have bought 100% of the house on the 30% discount shceme for £189,000, so £27,000 more to own only 80% of one! I am baffled

  2. It seems the Park is hell bent on hitting so called ‘affordable housing’ targets. In no way shape or form are these houses going to be ‘wholly’ affordable for young locals. This modelling of owning 25% and then in some cases rent on top is ridiculous and storing up trouble for home ownership in the future. The site at West Witton is mentioned as though a good thing, the same high prices will apply. I live near the site and was not in support and it is not near completion. It’s amazing how many people who aren’t affected by these new developments are so keen. As for a diverse range of housing being built, that’s not happening either there are
    no bungalows, no single dwellings and nothing for disabled!

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