New houses planned for Wensleydale village

The location of the proposed houses.

Plans have been submitted for three new houses in a Wensleydale village.

The detached houses would be built on the site of a former agricultural building and hardstanding area in Briar Close, Redmire.

Two four-bedroom houses and one three-bedroom property are proposed.

The application has been submitted to the district council by landowners T&J Walters.

A previous application was submitted in 2019.

However, this was withdrawn for the district council to review the settlements limits for the village.

The new application has been submitted with two changes to those plans — access is now from a private track to the east of Briar Close and the application site has been extended north and east on land owned by the applicant to “provide
an area to increase biodiversity and provide a landscape setting, defensible footpath route visual screening”.

Documents submitted with the application state the entrance to the hardstanding area has been recently gated to prevent the unauthorised use of the area for lorry, caravan and car parking and illegal fly

The applicants add: “The building has not been used for agricultural use for many years as there is no land associated with it.

“Now that the buildings in the former Briar House farmhouse curtilage have been converted and are occupied as houses, it would not be desirable to use it for an agricultural use as it is too close to houses and the most recent use for commercial repairs caused deleterious impacts on the amenity of residents and walkers.”

The footpath running through the site would be maintained, the documents add.

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