New housing estate discussed by Colburn town councillors

Colburn Village Hall.



Mayor Melanie Bell (Chair)

Councillors: Angela Dale, Helen Grant, Lynn Nassau, Jag Sharma, Stuart Styles, Charlene Thirlwell, Michael
Ward & Steve Wright
Clerk: Philippa Graves
Deputy Clerk: Angela Pickersgill
There were 6 members of the public present and District Cllrs William Glover & Bev Partridge

1. APOLOGIES – Cllrs Keith Chadwick & Gareth Sutterby

2. COUNCILLOR “DECLARATION OF INTERESTS” – Cllr Dale did not vote on item 6a or b & Item 8
neither Cllrs Dale or Grant voted.


It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 15th Jan and minutes of Open Spaces & Play Parks Sub-committee held on 26th Jan were approved as a true and correct record and were signed by the Mayor.

Matters arising –

Item 7, page 2 – Economic Development in Colburn – Callum McKeon informs CTC that the person leading delivery of the RDC Economic Action Plan will be the new Business & Communities Manager, Sue White, who will be starting at the beginning of March. She has previously worked at RDC as an Economic Development Officer and is joining RDC from Darlington where she has been leading on their economic growth plans. Neil Irving referred the matter back to Callum as it is not his area of expertise. It was agreed to invite Sue White to the 19th March meeting if convenient.


The report for period 14th Jan to 13th Feb was circulated at the meeting (full report can be found on the website).

Crime reported for the period 21 incidents; crime reported for same period 2016 was 13.
10 Violence, 1 Theft, 3 Sexual.

ASB – 33 incidents (same period last year 14). Majority of these reports have occurred at The Broadway and the immediate area. PCSO Whitehead confirmed that there are now 4 teenagers on Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.

The draft Public Spaces Protection Order will be published on the RDC website shortly allowing the public 21 days for comment and the aim remains for the order to be finalised and in place by mid-late March. Offences can be dealt with through the courts or with fixed on the spot fines.

Ward Surgeries

PCSO Kaye and PCSO Whitehead will be holding ward surgeries at the Colburn Library on the following dates. If you have anything you want to discuss then please attend and speak with them.

Saturday at 10.30 – 11.30 on 17th February, 17th March, 21st April & 19th May
North Yorkshire Community Messenger service is a free service that allows messages to be shared by the Police to members of a specific community area. Messages can be received via email, text, facebook and phone message. It is easy to sign up, just visit from a PC or smartphone. If you are interested in signing up to community messenger but do not feel confident enough with or have access to the internet please make contact with a member of the team.

Keep up to date with Catterick Policing by joining twitter and follow us @NYPCatterickSNT
Anyone interested in Colburn specific incidents or who is interested in Colburn Community Watch can follow us on TWITTER@colburnwatch.

National 24 hr non-emergency number 101 (15p per call from mobile or landline) or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

In an emergency or where a crime is in progress always call 999. Contact details –

PCSO 3556 Angela Kay

PCSO 6607 Katie Whitehead

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PUBLIC SPACES PROTECTION ORDER (formal response from Chief Constable’s office being prepared). Also attending Thomas Thorp, Policy & Scrutiny Manager, Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Inspector Gee, PCSO Katie Whitehead and Thomas Thorp led the discussion and answered questions.

Inspector Gee emphasised that Richmondshire DC were in charge of the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and would run it with the police responsible for supplying evidence. It was another tool to regulate poor behaviour for those under 18 years old but would not on its own solve all the problems.

Concern was raised about the loss of warranted police officers to help at the Ryedale fracking site leaving inadequate resources to deal with the current increase in ASB on the Broadway where disorder and harassment of residents and shop owners has reached unacceptable levels including racial abuse. In the previous week, Colburn Library had to be
closed for 2-3 days over half term as banned youths refused to leave the building and volunteers felt unsafe. Stones were also thrown at shops. PCSO’s responding to calls received the same verbal abuse as volunteers and shop staff.
The police precept was being increased with money being made available for a return to 1,400 officers with additional support sought from the government to assist with the fracking incident. Recently extra resources had been brought in from Stokesley, Harrogate with additional PCSO’s from Leyburn and Richmond. Dispersal orders had been issued in larger numbers recently with limited impact and could last from 5 minutes to 48 hours. PCSO powers were under review but would not include arrest in the future.

The main issue remained with finding sufficient evidence for individual records to be sent to a Youth Outcome Panel as most of the behaviour was taking place in groups. The government had set up Youth Outcome Panels composed of people from various statutory bodies in an effort to reduce criminalising young people as a criminal record affects
their future lives and employment. Any victim who has reported three incidents of ASB which has caused harassment, alarm or distress in a six month period can request a review called a Community Trigger. Cllr Dale, as chair of GAP, had initiated a working group of people who are on the ground, essentially to move forward with ASB issues within the ward creating ideas to deal with the needs of youngsters in a proactive way.

Cllr Partridge asked why the CCTV footage held by the taxi firm was not being used for evidence as it focussed on the area from the Library around to the Co-op and Chinese takeaway where the majority of incidences took place. This was noted by police who would investigate.

Philip Wicks, chair of CRACCL, sought clarification on how volunteers should respond and whether they should use 101 or 999 to seek help. They had been forced to ban some young people but they refused to leave the library and it was noticeable that they had no other community space to go to. He had written to Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner.

Summary – policing would continue to be centred on this problem and the police understood the fears and frustration from residents. Thomas Thorp had worked with RDC on the wording of the draft PSPO to make the clauses more specific to assist the police in gathering evidence. The public consultation on the PSPO would run until 19th March and the responses then monitored before a final decision was taken on implementation.


a) Grant Request from CRACCL Community Libraries to parishes
Administrative support is needed to support the small board of six volunteer trustees for 2018/19 and 2019/20. £3000 was given in 2017/18 (letter attached with agenda).

It was RESOLVED to make a grant of £3000 to be paid in April 2018 and 2019 to support the work of the volunteer trustees who are responsible for running the combined community libraries.

b) Grant Request from Colburn Library to match fund NYCC’s grant of £4000 to refurbish interior.

Cllr Dale explained that financial support was needed for Colburn library as Richmond was the core library and the DIO supported the Garrison library. The Colburn interior requires updating and refurbishing eg new book shelves and new seating and a grant of £4000 had been received from NYCC but was insufficient and the Town Council was asked
to match fund this grant.

It was RESOLVED to make a grant of £4000 to Colburn library to allow the necessary essential refurbishment to be

Stuart Taylor of Home Group introduced himself and 2 representatives of IDP and GL Hearn confirming that Home Group was a leading UK developer delivering mixed tenure developments of scale from challenging housing markets to the most prosperous. Colburndale 2 consisted of 201 houses of which 60 were affordable, both for sale and rental.

They had studied local Yorkshire villages and based their designs on those principles using portrait windows with window trim in predominantly buff or cream brick similar to the local stone colour. The houses were grouped together with clustered parking for safety with a central village green.

The shrubby trees at the top of the area would be removed but replanting would take place through the development.

Cllrs were surprised to see a bridleway included in a shared surface zone running through the middle of the area – would droppings on the road be appreciated by residents, would it be safe for cyclists and horses to be using the same track, who would re-surface the bridleway in the future?

Parking allowance of 1 space for one & two bed properties, 2 spaces for 3 & 4 bed properties and 4 spaces for social club.

One main play area on the village green was noted with 4 small satellite areas. From the experience of the Town Council, largest play areas with better equipment were preferred by youngsters and easier to maintain.

The existing plans were based on advice from Planning RDC but points raised would be considered.

Well illustrated Design Plans were left for circulation to councillors and the representatives thanked for their contribution and they left the meeting.

Item 7 had been taken out of order after item 3 then items 4, 5 & 6. At the conclusion of item 6 at 8.55 a break was taken and several people left the meeting including Cllr Styles, District Cllr Glover, the Police representatives & Philip Wicks.


County Councillor Grant gave an update on some of the issues with which she had been involved –

Potholes reported

Sign for Firefly Walk required

Grit bins listed with ownership and responsibility

The existing 20 minute waiting period outside the White Shops was being extended on trial to 30 minutes

Seeking the support of all the businesses at the White Shops, 30 signatures required to allow the pavement skimming to complete the scheme Road safety audit on new White Shops junction confirmed dotted lines would be installed on lanes crossing the

Fly tipping by Kingfisher Drive

Had been approached by Rishi Sunak MP who had asked via his office which charitable organisation would most reflect the community following the delays at Whiteshops upgrade. She told members that Vodafone, although evidently unwilling to pay compensation to others, they were, according to his office, prepared to make an ex gratia payment of £1000.

She asked the town council to consider the Village Hall because anyone in the garrison area can access it. Neither she nor Cllr Dale voted but it was unanimously agreed that the Village Hall should receive this payment.

Cllr Dale questioned the timing of the pedestrian lights at the Surgery as older people were finding it difficult to cross in time.


Cllr Glover – no specific report, had been attending all RDC meetings and following topics associated with Colburn.

Cllr Partridge – noted the lights on the Broadway were orange and needed to be brighter (police agreed). New bulbs were coming within 6 weeks; one broken light would take longer.
Taken up the matter of regular standing water on the Broadway.

Cllr Dale – had organised Colburn Business Association to support all businesses within Colburn ward. First meeting had taken place in January, next one 8th March and Chloe Lewis and Cllr Dale would be delivering letters to all businesses inviting them to attend and become involved.

The Youth Group, part of GAP work, would be meeting in March. Referred to in item 5, Thomas Thorp interested in becoming involved.

22nd Feb attending the Tour de Yorkshire meeting for the Stage 3 Richmond starting point (event 5th May) at Colburn Village Hall, 6 pm to discuss potential community events within Catterick Garrison. Everyone welcome to discuss ideas including residents from Hipswell & Scotton.


Present membership – Cllr Mel Bell as chair of both sub-committees

Play Park & Open Spaces – Cllrs Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale, Helen Grant & Charlene Thirlwell

Planning – Cllrs Lynn Nassau, Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward and Steve Wright

a. Play Park & Open Spaces Sub-Committee – next meeting to be arranged.

Play Area adjacent to flats at The Chase –after much discussion, Miller Homes have accepted that they own this area and have been unable to get Watsons PM (the management company) to take responsibility for maintenance. They have asked if the Town Council will take the Play area over on the basis that they repair the bent metal fence, transfer the land to CTC and give a small sum for future maintenance.

It was agreed that this plan was acceptable and the sum of £5000 was requested.

b. Joint Burial Board – minutes from meeting held on Thurs 18th Jan and agenda for Thurs 15th February both on file

c. Garrison Area Partnership – proposed next meeting to be held on Wed 7th Mar at 6 pm, Tunstall Village Hall

d. Planning Sub-Committee –

Plans agreed by Colburn Town Council:-

18/00070/FULL Planning Permission for Change of Use of Part of Existing Building to Residential Use (retrospective) at 7B Hildyard Row, Colburn DL9 4DH (closing 7 March 2018)
18/00060/FULL Planning Permission to Move Existing Fence (retrospective) at 15 Rosebud Way, Colburn DL9 4RY (closing 9 March 2018)
RDC decisions:- – none

OBJECTED TO 17/00890/FULL Planning Permission for 95 Dwellings and associated infrastructure at Colburn Business Park, Colburn DL9 4LR (closed 1st February 2018)

Letter sent to Peter Featherstone with objections under the Policy Framework: Local Objectives, Drainage & Flood Risk, Healthcare, New Homes Bonus money and existing Businesses Consultation.

18/00062/FULL Planning Permission for Replacement of Dilapidated Sheds with Replacement Shed (retrospective) at Top Cottage, Colburn Village DL9 4PD (closing 5 March 2018)

It was noted that the new building was large, much higher, stone built matching the adjacent house with double glazed windows and doors and could not be described as a replacement agricultural building. The application was misleading as the original photos showed cattle and geese around old buildings but there were no photos of the new building. The Town Council requested assurance that it was not a building for human habitation and that a site visit by the Committee should be made.

Due to the loss of MyDentist, Rishi Sunak MP had requested the NHS divert funds to existing practices to extend NHS opportunity (topic covered in local press and social media and confirmation letter sent to Cllr Helen Grant)

cCllr Grant had been involved with the proposed new development at Brewery House, off Byng Road going into Hipswell. Some 60 trees had been felled before the work was stopped. Residents were extremely anxious about the undermining of the bank on which their houses and gardens sit. The original permission had been to thin the trees by the public footpath.



Cheques for approval – list circulated at meeting

It was RESOLVED to pay the following cheques presented for 2 signatures:
United Carlton Office Systems – Jan copier charge £53.09
Banners for Colburn Business Park – Cllr K Chadwick £123.24
Darlington BC Mayor’s Charity – 2 tickets for Deputy Mayor £10.00
Office Shredder – reimbursement Angela Pickersgill £104.09
Woodscape – curved bench for White Shops corner traffic lights £2861.41
RDC – Mayor’s ticket to Chairman’s Annual Civic Dinner £22.50
Many Bookkeeping Services Feb payroll £15.00
Colburn Village Hall – office and room hire Jan – Mar 2018 £832.50
Darlington BC – Mayor’s tickets Charity Ball £110.00
Clerk’s salary Feb (+9hrs) £570.27)
Mileage £8.25) £578.52
Deputy Clerk’s salary Feb (+5.5hrs) £371.14
Robertson’s Garden Services –
27th Dec – 19th Jan 4 weeks 80 hrs £1200.00)
Play park repairs £90.82) £1290.82
United Carlton Office Systems – Feb copier charge

13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 19th Mar 2018 at 6.15 pm followed by Mon 16th Apr.

14. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (at the Chairman’s discretion)

Cllr Sharma – gave apologies for March’s meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.40 pm.