New ice cream created for Dark Skies Festival

From left, Helen Dalton, destination co-ordinator for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA), Laura Alderson, Brymor’s sales and marketing manager and Katy Foxford, tourism support officer at YDNPA.

A new ice cream has been created as part of The Dark Skies Festival coming to the Yorkshire Dales National Park this month.

North Yorkshire is one of the darkest places in England and one of the best places to experience and enjoy the stars and the night sky.

The Dark Skies Festival includes fun and informative events for families, first time star gazers and those wishing to expand their knowledge of astronomy further.

To celebrate this year’s festival, Dark Skies Galaxy Delight ice cream is being made by Wensleydale-based Brymor.

The ice cream is described as a “luxurious blend of Guernsey vanilla ice cream, with a special meteorite toffee swirl and shooting sugar stars sprinkled throughout”.

The ice cream is only available at Brymor’s ice cream parlour near Masham and at selected festival events which will be taking place between February 15 and March 3 across the Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale AONB.

As part of the festival, Brymor will be hosting a family Super Moon and Stars Party on February 19 from 6pm which will include a documentary film called Saving the Dark, while parents are watching this; the children will be entertained with a film of their own and Dark Skies arts and crafts.

This will be followed by an exciting opportunity to go outside and Star-gaze with an amateur astronomer Richard Darn and a free Shooting Stars ice cream, will be available.

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