New Kiplin exhibition focuses on music

Curator Alice Rose carefully prepares the new exhibition The Beat Goes On.

A new exhibition at Kiplin Hall will allow visitors to follow the beat back through the centuries.

Created for a 2024 theme of music, the exhibition is part of a programme celebrating the joy music brings to people’s lives, today and in the past.

The exhibition explores how music was created, played, and listened to at Kiplin over the last 400 years.

Curator Alice Rose said: “Over recent years we’ve been working hard to better document our sheet music collection and paper archives which include things like scrapbooks.

“With the outstanding work of our archival volunteers, we have improved access to the collection for research, which has been fascinating.

“We have sheet music, event programmes and diary entries showing what an important part music played in the owners’ lives.

“In 1898 Admiral Carpenter and his wife, Beatrice, even attended the Leeds Festival seeing Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, conducting an orchestra live.”

Alongside the exhibition visitors can also enjoy listening to a music trail.

Spotify holds a playlist of tracks uploaded by Kiplin called ‘Follow the Beat’.

Each track has been selected by a member of the team at Kiplin because the music or lyrics are reminiscent of an object, place, or story from the Kiplin collection.

Visitors can listen to the tracks on their own headphones while exploring the museum, in the exhibition space upstairs, or back at home.

For example, archive volunteer and room steward, Rob Pepper submitted a track inspired by a Portrait of Lady Tyrconnel by Siegfried Bendixen (1833).

Lady Tyrconnel owned and lived at Kiplin with her husband.

It had been her childhood home which she inherited from her father, Robert Crowe.

Rob Pepper selected the track ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ by The Clash because “recently we have discovered some documents that suggest Lord and Lady Tyrconnel’s relationship went through a rough patch. This song seems to sum it up!”

Alice added: “While the exhibition examines a tradition of enjoying music in the past, the trail encourages us to enjoy music once again at Kiplin today.

“Although the Hall is now a museum, for most of its life it has been a family home.

“We hope our visitors enjoy spending time at Kiplin, creating treasured memories together. During 2024 we have several live music events taking place.

“fternoon Tunes on Sundays in May welcome a range of musicians including Northallerton Silver Band and folk singer Edwina Hayes. The Friends of Kiplin Hall will be hosting a jazz evening in the summer.

“On Mondays in August families will be entertained by Story Craft Theatre, as they Sing a Song of Kiplin in outdoor performances.

“We think the previous owners of Kiplin would be glad to see their beloved home host so many talented musicians for the enjoyment of visitors, a long established tradition that we can see in their own scrapbooks.”

Kiplin Hall & Gardens is open six days a week, closed on Thursdays. You can find out more about the events and exhibition programme online at