New kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems for Richmondshire council houses

Richmondshire’s council houses are to receive upgrades including new kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems as part of a new five-year housing improvement programme.

The Richmondshire District Plan, which covers 2020-25, will provide improvements to the authority’s housing stock.

That includes kitchen and bathroom replacements, heating upgrades, roof replacements and other work to properties that need them to meet the decent homes standard.

The £1m 2020/21 programme has been delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic but officials say tenants have been kept up to date and council officers have worked closely with principal contractor, Kier, to restart the project.

Kier will begin arranging surveys next Monday for homes due a heating upgrade but only where tenants want the work to proceed and it is safe to do so.

The district council says Kier will work towards government and construction guidelines and tenants will be kept updated at each stage.

The remainder of the programme will be delivered in the months ahead, but again only to properties where tenants want the work completed.

Corporate director of Richmondshire District Council, Colin Dales, said: “We are in a position to begin working on properties again but that will only be happening where the residents feel comfortable with having tradespeople in the property.

“If they choose to wait we will of course make arrangements for the work to be done at a later date.”

Mark George, head of planned maintenance at Kier Specialist Services, added: “We have been working closely with Richmondshire District Council to plan how we can get back on site without compromising the safety of employees or residents, and we are delighted to be returning to deliver vital housing services.”