New martial arts club launches in Hawes

The dragon cadets.

A new martial arts club has launched in Hawes.

Arashikage Martial Arts Academy offers classes for children from four upwards, as well as adults.

Instructor Richard Blackburn said he was inspired to launch the club after teaching martial arts at Hawes Primary School’s after-school club.

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He said: “I saw the dedication and progression the students made but noticed there was nothing within at least a 25 mile radius that could offer them a way to continue learning a martial art.

“Having an established Martial Arts Academy in Harrogate I thought that setting up a school in Hawes would be a way to offer children and adults in this deeply rural community an opportunity to train in martial arts and learn skills that they can implement throughout their lives.

“With the help of my girlfriend and partner Jemma Hogg, who is also a martial artist, we looked into potential venues to hold the classes and began advertising the launch of the new school.”

Richard says the club aims to provide a dynamic martial arts system with its foundations in wado ryu karate, self defence, kickboxing and weaponry.

Richard added: “I started training in Karate at the age of 16 and for the next 24 years I went on to study several different styles of martial arts including Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, traditional and freestyle systems, as well as traditional weapons and performance sword.

“The students are currently learning wado ryu karate as well as kickboxing, self-defence techniques and Nunchucks.

“As they progress they will have the opportunity to learn other weapon disciplines such as bo staff, and additional martial arts elements taken from ju jitsu, aikido and grappling systems.”

The club offers classes on a Thursday at The Nash in Hawes.

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