New motorway service station proposed for Catterick Central junction

A map of the proposed service station location.

Plans are being drawn up for a major new motorway service station at the new Catterick Central junction.

Agents on behalf of Roafchef Motorways Ltd have written to Richmondshire District Council advising that the company is looking to submit a planning application for the services.

The proposal is for a new service station just off junction 52 on the east side of the motorway, near Catterick Village and Catterick Racecourse.

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The proposal is for services which would include a hotel with 40 bedrooms, a fuel filling station, a drive thru coffee shop and electric vehicle charging points.

There would also be parking for 350 cars, 66 HGVs, 30 coaches and 16 caravans.

The agents have asked the council for a scoping opinion, a process which would see the authority advising if the applicant needed to submit an environmental statement with any future planning application.

A letter to the council from Jill Davis, at Davis Planning Partnership, who are working for Roadchef, states: “Because of the location of this site on land lower than its surroundings because of its history of quarrying, the impact of the proposal on aspects of the environment will be limited.

“No public rights of way or public places will be affected by the proposal and the visual impact will be limited by the low level of the site, the mature existing landscaping and landscape proposals.”

Services already exist north at Scotch Corner and south at Leeming.



  1. Why the he’ll do we need another service area? The A1 is littered with them, there is Leeming, Barton, Scotch Corner not to mention the village it’s self and Richmond. When the Army is on the move the junction is very busy anyway and will end up like Weatherby where you avoid the junction like the plague.

  2. Haven’t we already had years of distribution. No need for this as leeming bar and scotch corner have services. More traffic more noise coming into our villages when it is bad enough having what we have. What happens to our local services will they go under because of this. Absolutely no need for it.

  3. I thought there was government policy which recommended a distance between services of 28 miles / 30 minutes, whichever is lesser. and an absolute minimum of 12 miles between services. I can’t see how this would be needed and it could have an impact on local services in Colburn and Catterick Village e.g. both petrol stations etc. Not only will this impact on the setting of the racecourse, countryside and possibly effect archaeology and wildlife, it is just not needed. far better to develop the Leeming Bar, Scotch Corner or Barton locations than develop a brand new site.

  4. With services only a few miles in either direction, why is there need for this as well?

  5. We need the jobs but with two such units already is there real need??? Of concern is the environmental impact of the development on local residents (lights/noise/exercise/wildlife)… AND… it is site of Roman remains/arena that will need to be excavated, researched and exposed/open to visitors in passing. It presents an opportunity for our local sites to encourage travellers to stay and helps local economy.

  6. Let’s hope the planning team insist on a conservation area, dog walking area, and surround it with trees, all good for the environment

  7. designer village scotch corner coming extra 1.5 2m cars PERANNUM
    A66 upgrade 2021
    91 acre site A66 darlington coming
    hitachi spending 2.5BN aycliffe
    tourism increasing by 5% PA
    DESPERATE FOR MODERM MSA and relive scotch corner
    75 80000 cars per day on A1 INCREASING BY 5% SO BE OVER 100,000 NEXT 10 YEARS

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