New phone mast will bring 4G to lower Swaledale

The new 4G mast at Marske.

Mobile phone company EE is set to switch on a new mast which will bring 4G coverage to lower Swaledale.

The mast is situated at Marske near Richmond.

EE says it is are working closely with North Yorkshire County Council to improve mobile phone coverage so more residents, businesses and tourists in North Yorkshire will now be able to access 4G.

Two other masts are being switched on elsewhere in the county.

Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access in North Yorkshire, commented: “We welcome EE’s investment in our digital infrastructure. Improving mobile signal is a key way of helping rural areas compete and North Yorkshire County Council fully supports such improvements.

“The new masts will provide additional coverage for many new residents and businesses as well as helping with tourism.

“I understand that some sections of roads will now have a mobile signal for the very first time. This shows the commitment of both parties to work together to provide better mobile phone coverage in North Yorkshire”

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, said: “4G connectivity in rural areas is much needed.

“4G is making a huge difference to people across the UK. We know our customers demand more than calls and texts, so our focus is on providing superfast 4G data as well as high quality voice.

“With 4G in more places than any other provider, our customers can do more with their smartphones and stay connected wherever they go.”