New postmaster for Richmond Post Office

Richmond Post Office has a new postmaster.

The branch has today transferred to the new owner Andy Hill, who is already the postmaster for Middleton St George, as well as 11 outreach post offices.

Andy takes over following the retirement of postmaster Richard Swann who has stood down after nearly 20 years in the role.

Post Office area manager Carol Head, said: “Richard and his wife Catherine have provided loyal and dedicated service to this community for almost 20 years.

“I wish them a well-earned retirement.

“I am delighted that experienced postmaster Andy Hill is taking over to continue to serve the community.”


  1. Richard and Catherine have been delivering outstanding and efficient post office service to Richmond for many years. Two lovely people who were always very helpful. I hope they both have a long and happy retirement.

  2. Agreeing with Linda’s appreciation of Richard and Catherine’s dedicated service to us in the Post Office for all those years and wishing them a nourishment and rest in their retirement

  3. Thank you Linda for expressing the sentiment of the town. We have been so fortunate in having such wonderful service for so long. Mr and Mrs Swann deserve a long and happy retirement with everyone’s good wishes.

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