New recycling bin trialled in Richmondshire

One of the new trial bins next to the old type.

New recycling bins are being trialled in Richmondshire.

It is hoped that the new containers, which have reverse lids and can’t be opened from the front, will counter misuse and flytipping.

One also has a window so that contamination can be spotted before it is tipped into the wagons.

“We have had problems with people misusing the bins at our recycling sites for some time – putting the wrong things in the wrong bins,” said the district council’s corporate director, Colin Dales.

“If we do not spot this contamination we often have to write off a whole load.  We hope these new bins will help stop this and ensure that all our recyclate is able to be recycled.”

He said the two bins will be at the Nuns Close recycling site in Richmond for the next two months.

Their effectiveness will then be reviewed before a decision on replacing all bins is made.