New shop selling “eclectic things for interesting people” opens in Richmond

Cllr Ian Woods and his consort Cllr Elizabeth Sands with shop owner Rhiannon Shove.

A new shop has opened in Richmond selling what the owner describes as “eclectic things for interesting people”.

Pink Sundays has been opened in King Street by 23-year-old Rhiannon Shove.

She said she decided during the covid pandemic that she wanted to work for herself.

“I realised that sitting at home working behind a computer all day was not for me.

“I’d dreamt of owning my own shop since a little girl. I started off with local fairs and Christmas markets and received really good feedback so I decided to develop a website to be able to sell online as well as point of sale.

“I’ve now decided to go for it with a shop. I looked around for suitable premises and found the perfect place in Richmond.”

Rhiannon says she wanted to open a shop that stocked bold and creative gifts and realised weren’t many shops selling these kind of items in the area.

“I decided to be brave and create a shop brand that encompassed all this. My strapline is ‘eclectic things for interesting people’.

“My intention is to keep adding new and exciting items, stocking small amounts so hopefully each time you visit you will see something new.”

The shop was officially opened last week by Richmond mayor, Cllr Ian Woods and his consort, Cllr Elizabeth Sands.

For more information on the shop, click here.