New Tour of Richmondshire bike race to take in “less glamorous” parts of the district

Richmond during the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Plans have been announced for a new bike race to take place in Richmondshire which will focus on some of the district’s less glamorous areas and alternative tourist attractions.

While TV viewers watching previous races have enjoyed seeing Richmondshire’s beautiful moors and dales and its pretty villages, those tuning in to watch the new Tour of Richmondshire will get a glimpse of the district few tourists ever see.

The route of the race is top secret, however Richmondshire Today spoke to race organiser Bill Murray, from tourism organisation Yorkshire is the Dogs’, who took take time out from filling out his expenses forms to reveal some details.

It is understood the race will start in Richmond’s Yorke Square car park, with the owners of the half dozen motorhomes who are the parking area’s only current users facing temporary eviction.

Riders will then go on a meandering trip of the district’s nondescript housing estates and less picturesque villages.

After berating his PA for failing to book him into the correct five star hotel, Mr Murray told Richmondshire Today: “We had a think and decided it was unfair that only people in the nice parts of Richmondshire should be able to see the bike race from their gardens.

“What about the people who don’t have gardens? Perhaps they too would like to have their lives put on hold for 24 hours in order that people that they’ve never heard of before can speed past their front door on bikes that cost more than the family car.

“I say ‘we’. Of course I mean me. I decided. I decide everything. That’s why I get the big bucks. Now someone get me a latte.”

To make the race more interesting the district’s roads will remain open for the duration of the race, meaning riders will face the added challenge of avoiding speeding delivery drivers and boy racers chucking pizza boxes out of their car windows.

Riders will be asked to do two circuits of Tesco car park on a Saturday afternoon following pay day, including a wizz around the McDonalds drive-thru and a five-minute obligatory wait in the grill order parking bay. The fast food company has promised to pull out all the stops ahead of the event by fixing the ice cream machine.

The race will finish with a sprint finish in the village of Barton.

One local Barton resident said: “They’re going to do what? They needn’t bother.

“I’ve got stuff to do that day and it doesn’t involve waving a flag at men whose dangly bits are clearly definable through their Lycra shorts.”

Tourism chiefs say that despite cycling races making for really dull TV, an independent report that they paid a lot of money for, shows that the race will have a global audience of 26 billion people and raise six trillion pounds for the local economy.


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