New vision for Forbidden Corner and Saddle Room

Leo Morris at the Forbidden Corner.

A new vision for the future of a Coverdale venue has been set out by the man tasked with taking the businesses forward.

Leo Morris is the new chief executive officer of the Tupgill Park Estate in Coverdale, which includes the Forbidden Corner visitor attraction and Saddle Room pub and restaurant.

Previously, Leo was in charge of the Saddle Room only, but has now taken on both businesses following the departure of Wendy, Johnny and Gary Reeves, who had previously run the Forbidden Corner.

Leo said they were now putting in place a ‘one estate approach’, with the restaurant and visitor attraction working together whenever possible for the benefit of the business.

The chief executive said numerous improvements were underway to ensure the venue was self-sufficient and could continue its 25-year building plan using local suppliers and builders, as well as supporting generations of local families.

He said owner Colin Armstrong and the Armstrong family resided in Ecuador where they ran a successful business, but they were still rooted in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and regularly visit throughout the year.

These include new accommodation, an extension to the Saddle Room kitchen, a new ‘grab and go cafe’, a new 5G app to enhance the visitor experience at the Forbidden Corner and a maintenance plan to ensure the venue looked its best at all times.

Leo said they were very excited for the business to move forward after they enjoyed their best every year in 2021 due to the covid restrictions meaning people could not holiday abroad.

“By embracing the one estate approach we’re bringing together the Forbidden Corner, the Saddle Room and Tupgill Park.

“We believe we can enhance staff welfare, enhance the customer experience and create a welcoming estate 365 days of the year.

“I personally believe, and the Armstrong family believe, this is only the beginning to changes that are going to benefit both the estate and the local economy.”


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