New water main installed to improve supply to Catterick Garrison

A new water main has been installed in the Catterick Garrison area to improve the delivery of clean water.

The £1.7m scheme from saw 6.5km mains installed through farmland using a horizontal drilling technique to ensure that surface disturbance on farmland was kept minimal and carbon savings were achieved.

Yorkshire Water says the installation of the new water main is part of a wider scheme to improve the resilience of the water network in the area.

In May this year, a new service reservoir will also be developed at Hunton New Road, which will see new twin compartment tanks with drinking water storage developed, to support future water supply demand in the area.

Alex Spivey, project manager for Yorkshire Water, said: “The investment we’re making in Catterick will ensure that the water network is able to continue supplying our customers’ homes for years to come.

“The 6.5km of new pipework will go a long way in building the resilience of the network and meet customer demands.

“With new housing developments underway in Catterick, the new service reservoir will reduce the risk of interruption of supply as it will support the existing Gandale service reservoir and create a more effective network.”

The work was carried out in partnership with Morrison Water Services.

Anthony Watson, project manager at Morrison, said: “We are delighted to have delivered this project for the community of Catterick.

“Communication and co-ordination with landowners, farmers and residents was key to a successful project in such a rural area.

“The project team worked extensively to make sure that the disruption to the local community was kept to a minimum, using a contract partner and construction techniques that were sympathetic to the environment.

“Completing the project ahead of schedule, the land was handed back to landowners as soon as possible, meaning the land could be put back into use quickly.”