No confirmed Covid-19 cases in Richmondshire since July 1, new data reveals

New data released by the Government shows there has been no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Richmondshire since July 1.

The last confirmed case was reported on the first day of the month, according to figures now available.

The latest data allows the public to view how many cases of the virus have been confirmed in local authority areas during the pandemic.

The statistics show the first case in Richmondshire was recorded on March 10 — almost two weeks before the nation went into lockdown on March 23.

The most cases recorded in one day was on April 29 when 23 cases were confirmed.

In total, there have been a total of 266 confirmed cases in the district.

The data includes both pillar one – those conducted in hospitals – and pillar two – those in care homes and mobile testing stations.

This diagram shows when and how many cases of the virus have been confirmed in Richmondshire:

The latest data also shows there have now been 49 deaths of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in Richmondshire since the outbreak began.

The data includes all deaths, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, that occurred up to June 26 but were registered up to June 4.

Here are the deaths in Richmondshire by week and location:

  • Week 13 – 3 deaths in hospital
  • Week 14 – 2 deaths in hospital
  • Week 15 – 1 death in hospital, 1 at home
  • Week 16 – 5 deaths in hospital
  • Week 17 – 4 deaths in hospital, 1 in a care home
  • Week 18 – 5 deaths in care home, 3 in hospital
  • Week 19 – 5 deaths in care homes, 3 in hospital
  • Week 20 – 6 deaths in care homes
  • Week 21 – 1 death in a care home
  • Week 22 – 3 deaths in care homes, 1 in hospital
  • Week 23 – 1 death in a care home
  • Week 24 – 2 deaths in care homes, 1 death at home
  • Week 25 – 0 deaths
  • Week 26 — 1 death in a care home

Of the 49 deaths of Richmondshire residents, all occurred after March 29, according to the data.

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