No on-call warden for Lifeline service over weekend due to staff shortages

Staff shortages mean Richmondshire’s emergency Lifeline cover will be reduced this weekend.

The support network is used by hundreds of people across Richmondshire, providing emergency help through a simple telephone link 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However due to staff shortages there will be no on-call mobile warden for the district this weekend (from lunchtime on Saturday, February 25 until the morning of Monday, February 28) – all pendant activations will initially be directed to family, neighbours and friends – if they cannot help then the emergency 999 services will be called.

The council has stressed that this does not mean people will be left vulnerable – the pendant activations will all be answered and dealt with promptly and safely.

“Normal working practice during weekends there is one mobile warden on call for emergency pendant activations from Friday evening until Monday morning – covering around 600 clients,” said corporate director, Colin Dales.

“This weekend those calls will still go to our provider, Ryecare, but they will look to call family, friends and neighbours first and if no one is available will then call 999.

“The service will still be operational – just operating slightly differently.”

Lifeline enables vulnerable and elderly people to remain in their own home.

The service provides reassurance, emergency support and peace of mind to its users, allowing them to remain independent and safe, knowing help is only the press of a button away.

A Lifeline unit is installed in the home which is activated through an alarm trigger button which can provide immediate assistance.

One of the devices supplied can be worn round the neck on a pendant.

For more information contact 01748 901147 or