Norman Conquest re-enactors to visit Richmond Castle

Re-enactors will take visitors to Richmond Castle back tot he days of the Norman Conquest this weekend.

The event is part of the town’s 950th anniversary celebrations.

On Saturday and Sunday, visitors to the castle are invited to experience what life may have been like for the people of the time with Conquest Living History.

Marcia McLuckie, from Celebrate 950, said: “See the surgery and armoury and heft a sword or try on a hauberk; discuss the fashions of the time or listen to the Norman cooks and try some of the foods that would grace the tables of the men who made up the garrison.

“Then observe as they train daily to keep their fighting skills in trim.

“Over two days you can experience the sights and sounds of Norman life at the castle and witness a spectacle worthy of the 950th anniversary of the castle’s founding by Alan Rufus.”

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